Hey Rehoboth Beach...If you've got bed bugs Bennett Termite & Pest Control Solutions will help you get rid of them. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure your bed bug problem goes away! We have to, because bed bugs can infest your entire home in as little as 3 months. That's why early detection is important and that's why we offer K-9 bed bug inspections for your home now. That's right...dogs! With a better than 90% detection rate, our K-9 bed bug inspection program has been used extensively and successfully on cruise ships, hotels, motels, schools, offices and more making it the perfect choice to use for your home too.

If you live in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, or anywhere in Sussex County, Delaware and feel you might have a mounting bed bug problem, call us now @ 302.856.2127 and visit us online @ bennetttermite.com

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