The Funland Story

It all started as an innocent vacation to the beach, back in 1961...

Allen and Don Fasnacht, their wives Jean and Dee, and their parents Al and Sis, visited the park that was to become Funland during a trip to Bethany Beach in August of 1961. The family, at the time, was operating a small "picnic park" near Harrisburg, PA called Willow Mill Park. So, being the park people that they were, they visited the Sport Center, as it was called when the Dentino family owned it. Talking to Mr. Dentino about the ins and outs of the park business, he asked " Are you interested in buying this park?" Yea, right, the thought not spoken, but that was what was going through the Fasnachts minds. Mr. Dentino affirmed to them that he was indeed interested in selling the business, and that the Fasnachts should think about it.

Think about it is exactly what the family did when they returned home. It became a recurring topic, so much so that they called Mr. Dentino back later and decided to go through with the purchase.

All items were falling into place, including the building of an unusually low pressure area off the east coast! This storm never developed into a hurricane, but was the lowest pressure ever recorded for the area. Settlement on the park was to be on March 15, 1962. The Great Atlantic Storm hit on March 6th, devastating the entire eastern seacoast.

The family traveled down from Hershey, and the Dentino family came up from Florida. Both families agreed to go ahead with the deal after they worked out an allowance for the damage.

The rest is history: expanding the park here and there, adding rides and games, and buying adjoining properties for the growing family and their children. Between the two brothers, Allen and Don, there are six children that are directly involved with the business. Those 6 children along with their spouses and their children, a brother-in-law, his wife and boys, are all continuing that heritage that began over 45 years ago.

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