People ask us questions all the time, like where we clean or what kind of cleaning  we do. The short answer to both is just about everywhere and just about everything. We also get questions about cleaning "secrets" that we have, and mostly, it's just lots of hard work; scrubbing - on our hands and knees if we have to- and paying attention to the details.
With this in mind, we invite you to ask us your own questions about us and our cleaning services if you have any. We'd be happy to answer them. Think of it as a kind of Q&A directly with us, the "Angels" of cleaning...let's just call it, Ask The "Angels". To ask us anything at all, just drop us a line through our contact form and we'll be sure to answer you the best we can. In the meantime, here are some thoughts we have you might like to know- in no particular order- about cleaning of all types all over the area.

Rehoboth Beach House Cleaning
We clean houses just about everywhere in Sussex County, Delaware and on Maryland's Easter Shore and we have to say one of our favorite places to clean houses is in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware. First, so many of the houses are simply beautiful- the design architecture and history are just wonderful. But even better is the surrounding area, it's just gorgeous. There aren't many other places we visit that have just so much natural beauty. And the sunsets are amazing. We love our job and we work hard to keep all our client's houses clean and a pleasure to live in. The scenery in Rehoboth and Lewes makes it a pleasure for us to do our work. So, if you live in Rehoboth Beach or Lewes and need your house cleaned, give us a call because we'd love to do it.

We Clean Rental Property 
If you're looking for residential or commercial cleaning and  live in or around Rehoboth Beach, Lewes or just about anywhere else in coastal Delaware, give us a call here at "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Services and we'll be happy to show you just how affordable and "Angel" can work for you. From homes, apartments and condos to rental units, offices and restaurants, if you can get it dirty, we can get it clean in a fast, friendly and efficient way.
Need more info about our home and office cleaning services? Call us @ 443.727.3004

Ocean City Condo Cleaning
At "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Services, we specialize in cleaning condos quickly and affordably throughout Ocean City because we know so many of our clients use them as summer rentals and need them ready to go for their guests. But just because we're quick doesn't mean we cut corners (in fact, we spend extra time in those!); just like all our home and office cleaning jobs, attention to detail is our calling card and part of our uncompromising approach to giving you the cleanest condo at the best possible value. Learn more about our Ocean City, 

We Clean Boats Too!
When we say that "An Angel's Touch" Cleaning Service is a full service cleaning company, we mean it. Sure we clean houses, offices, condos, construction and even industrial sites but we also clean boats too! We think this is an especially important service to offer since boating is such a popular thing to do all along Delaware and Maryland's coastline. From Lewes and Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City, Maryland, The Eastern Shore and even Annapolis, people love boats- but not necessarily cleaning them. That's okay, we like cleaning them and from getting your boat ready for the summer season to keeping it in tip top shape, we're here to help. Just give us a call @ 443.727.3004

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