Rehoboth Beach Music is about a lot more than just the music happening in Rehoboth (and Lewes and Dewey) - it's about people, creativity and community. It's about how we all come together to make connections, to interact and just to have fun. It's about some of the best things this area has to offer- music and people "in the raw" and the experiences that happen when you put them all together.

Jan.12, 2015

Okay, so if it's not stupidly cold out it's raining. I don't know about you guys but I'm already tired of of winter and it just started. I'm already having dreams of nice warm beaches, girls in bikinis, boat rides and all the other great things that go along with summer and this great area I call home.

Now that I'm done my little vent let's talk about what's going on tonight. Tonight is all about Rehoboth. More specifically it's all about The Pond in Rehoboth. Monday is Funday at the Pond with live music and great drink and food specials. From 6 to 9p the night kicks off with the Carla (Queen Green) and Pete (Love Seed) show, $6 wings and burgers plus $3 Jager shots and Bud/Bud lights. Then at 10p The Dug takes over for more music and more special specials because at 10p The Pond's industry night gets going, so if you work in hospitality service, come on in and get served at The Pond.

So people, even though  it might be miserable outside you always have a great, comfy place to go for good food, great music and fun times. Hope to see you all tonight.


Dec.28, 2014

Well I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Wonderful Festivus.  As 2014 is coming to a close we here at Rehoboth Beach Music would like to thank everyone  who has been following us and showing their support throughout the year. It has been a blast this past year introducing the outside world to our little area of home grown music. I know I've said it before in past posts but I truly believe that our little "tri-town'' area of Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey have the biggest collection and the best caliber of musicians per capita anywhere in the country. A bold statement some might say but that's how I feel and if anyone says otherwise, we will have a good old fashion Jamaican stick fight.... And I will win...(thanks, Red Stripe commercial guy).

Now let me get back to my job and let you guys know what's happening around here on New Years Eve. First let's start over in Dewey Beach. The Rusty Ruddy is having their annual New Years Eve Bash with Love Seed Mama Jump, The Rockets and DJs Manny and Hecktor. Tickets are going fast so head to or call The Rudder itself ASAP. On Rt.1 in Rehoboth Hooked is having a must see event. Mr. Bryan Clark will be bringing Vegas to the beach. This man can sing everything from Sinatra to Sammy Davis Jr and Micheal Jackson to Tom Jones. The food at Hooked is outstanding and you have to try the Bloody Mary's. Their Bloody Mary's are the best I ever had. One sip and you will run to the nearest old lady, push her over with joy and then come back and savor the rest of your drink. Just give Hooked a call now and book your spot for either the early seating or late one. Now over in Lewes it's a Blues kinda night at Irish Eyes. Yes kids you got it Lowercase Blues will be rocking in the New year at Irish Eyes. Not only will the boys be jamming but you can also feast on prime rib and other mouth watering dishes on their buffet line. But  hurry to make reservations because space is limited. BTW, down stairs, Eyes will be featuring DJ music and two full service bars for all your other NYE pleasure. They's also be featuring the lovely Elisha at the bar, so be sure to stop by and say "Hi" to her.

Okay kids,if you ask me I'd say that's a good list to choose from to ring in the New Year. And remember it is New Years and there will be lots of drinking and partying so let's all be responsible and get home safe; make a DD or cab a part your New Years Plan. Enjoy yourselves everyone and Happy New Year!!!


Nov.26, 2014

Ah yes, Thanksgiving is upon us and I don't know about the rest of you, but my mouth has been watering for the past week. I've been doing nothing but thinking about turkey and stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes; I think I have gained 10 pounds just pondering about all this delicious food. You all know what I'm talking about. I bet every one of you has caught yourself in food day dreams this week just picturing stuffing yourself with your favorite holiday treats. I bet even you vegetarians out there you are just chopping at the bit to slice into that juicy... tender... one of a kind... Tofurky. But besides the food, this holiday more than others I think, was built for large family gatherings, spending time with friends, seeing members of the family that you don't like and hearing the same arguments from last year about who got to park in the driveway and who gets the street. Which is the reason why the night before Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful days ever created.

Like the rest of you we here at Rehoboth Beach Music have a house full this year for Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to escaping this family prison and catching tonight's festivities. In Lewes, Irish Eyes is having its annual Thanksgiving Eve party with music from The Wise Guys and great drink specials. The music starts at 9pm but thankfully the specials are all night long. Over in Rehoboth The Dug Duo will be hosting an open mic night at The Pond starting at 10. With $3 jager shots all night, you should be able to face your family with a smile tomorrow. If you happen to be in Milford be sure to stop by Abbots Grill and catch Lowercase Blues at 9:30. It is always a party when those boys take the stage.

So there you have it kids, a few places you can go to and retrieve your sanity. My advice is go out have a good time and get nice and happy. This way tomorrow you can look at that crowd of people in your house and just grin. But remember be responsible people. Someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice and be DD and that person should be given a medal and then brought out him or herself this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Nov.16, 2014

Hello everyone, it's time to talk again about what we love most- local music, bars and restaurants.

Now just because it's November and the the cold weather has finally come and kicked us right in the face it doesn't mean that there is nothing to do around here. In fact, if you ask just about any local  they will probably tell you this is the most wonderful time of year. Let's take tonight for example. Every Sunday The Pond in Rehoboth has its "Open Blues Jam" hosted by local blues boys themselves Lowercase Blues. It starts at 10pm and they provide the drums, the pa and the amps so all you need to bring is yourselves, your instrument and your sticks. If you ask us, this is a pretty sweet set up because you get to jam with one of the greatest local bands ever and feel like a rock star doing it. You don't have to set anything up or break anything down, just show up and play your a@# off. Since we are talking about The Pond let's jump to Monday where it's music and fun (Hey, Hey, Hey) all night long. From 6-9pm Carla and Pete put on one of the best duo shows you'll see anywhere. Playing everything from the Beatles to the Indigo girls, these guys are just plain fun to watch. then at 10pm, The Dug takes over and rocks it up a bit with a new line up and a new sound... yes, The Dug is something new to dig. Let's also not forget that it's $6 wings and Burger night till 12:30am; not a meat eater? Try their veggie burger. It's delicious too. Of course the drinks are pretty good too.

Now some of you are probably saying, "Wait, what happened to the open mic at DDC"? Well just sit back in your chairs and calm yourselves because it's still happenin', it's just moved to Tuesdays at 9:30. The Dug is still the host band, the beautiful Ashley is behind the bar with Albert and the vodka infusions are still delicious. So come and show your love for local bands and bartenders every Tuesday at 9:30. And if you want to play, sign ups start at 9:30.

Well I think that's a good start to get us rolling. Remember these events happen every week so you always have something to do people. And as for the cold weather, who cares...just belly up to the bar, drink some liquid courage and hit the dance floor. You'll be nice and warm then.



Oct 28, 2014

So Halloween is in just 3 days people and I don't know about you, but it's my favorite time of year. I love the parties, the dressing up and the candy. And oh, did I mention the parties?
Speaking of parties, the two biggest Halloween bashes are getting ready to take place this weekend in Dewey Beach with both the Rusty Rudder's and The Starboard's Halloween/closing parties happening, so this is your last chance to get your Dewey fix for the 2014 season.
The weekend kicks off on Friday at the Rudder at 9:00 with a costume party and live music from Love Seed Mama Jump. Then on Saturday the Starboard kicks Halloween in the nuts with its world famous Halloween/ costume party. Freshly Squeezed will take the stage at 10pm for your musical pleasure and remember it's your last chance to load up on crushes until next season.
So there you have it kids, a frightfully great weekend full of music, drinks, costumes and fun. I love Halloween.

Oct 5, 2014

Two weeks ago yours truly was having a conversation with one of Rehoboth's favorite sons, Mr. BJ Muntz, from Lowercase Blues. He was out at the DDC for the Tuesday open mic night and we both got to reminiscing about the music scene in the area back when Lowercase first came around and my band at the time, Factor was brand new to the scene.

Now we are talking about 12 years ago when both bands got their start at another popular local jam session known as, "The Big Blue Jam Sessions". They were held every Thursday night at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Lewes. A guy named Jim Foster, who published a local music rag called Key of DE used to host the sessions and artists like Lowercase, Factor, Jimmy Bones, Nancy Micculla, Erin Howell and others got their feet wet in front of enthusiastic local crowds playing impromptu and engaging music. The jam was so popular and so much fun that it attracted veteran acts and artists as well. BJ and I both remember a particular Thursday when we thought our bands were, for lack of better terms,  the shiznat. We just knew we were gonna rock and the crowd was ours for the taking. That was until, what looked like a small army of men wearing t-shirts with a goofy pig on it started setting up equipment as if they were at a stadium. This three piece powerhouse took the stage and kicked everyone in the nuts that night. That band was none other than local legend,  Scrapple.

It's crazy that only 12 years ago this area had so many people playing such a diverse range of music. You had rock cover bands like Scrapple and Pivot who weren't afraid to play loud and play tunes that were not Jimmy Buffet or Neal Diamond. You had original bands that were rock/heavy like S.O.S and Factor who took what Scrapple did and kicked it up more with their own twisted takes of popular covers and hard-hitting, emotionally charged songs of their own. You had blues bands such as Lowercase and Jazzam that filled your soul with the sounds of B.B King and Stevie Ray along with singer/song writers like Erin Howell who played songs from his heart and sang lyrics from his soul in hopes that he touched just one person in the audience with his message. This area had something (really different) for everyone and it seems like over the years we lost that. Everyone went back to doing those same old covers the same old way or became a modern top twenty cover band.

Believe it or not, this story does have a happy ending. Because as Mr. Muntz and I sat there talking at the DDC's open mic we realized the music scene we remember and love hasn't gone away, it fact, it just went back to its roots. You can still catch all kinds of music at DDC's open mic on Tuesdays. Everything from blues. metal and country to a refreshing  array of original music. And sometimes we're still surprised with visits from local celebrities (although we still cross our fingers to see those goofy pig t-shirts come walking in the door again but that might just be wishful thinking).

We ended our conversation with a shot and a toast to good local music of all types, whether it be rock, blues, original or whatever. After all, we need more than just top twenty and Jimmy Buffet.... Cheers.


September 16, 2014

Hello there all you happy people. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and took our advice and stopped by the Cork. The party was epic. Now, we here at Rehoboth Beach Music bring you..."NEWS". Not to worry, it's all good stuff. First, for those of you who might not have heard yet, the Monday Night open mic night at DDC in no longer on Mondays. It's on Tuesdays. So now, it's the Monday Night Open Mic on Tuesdays. The Dug is till hosting and the talented , beautiful Ashley is still behind the bar. This has become one of Rehoboth's best spots for local music and social gatherings- at least i think so. So do lots of people it seems. Come by and tel me what you think. It reminds me of a late night bar you would find in New York where musicians would meet just to jam, talk and solve all the world's social problems; if you want to get a glimpse into the local music scene (and locals of all kinds for that matter) that is Delaware Nightlife, this is where you want to be. 

Next up, we promised that as soon as we found out the line up to this year's Dewey Beach Music Conference, we'd let you know. So we're letting you know. Here's the lineup kids, click here, it's easy! 

See, we told you it was all good news. Now be sure to keep checking back with us as we cover the fun from the Conference and keep you up to date on the other up and coming events that are on the way.


September 12, 2014

Well its Friday kids and even though the "summer season" is over don't think that we have slowed down around here. The boardwalk in Rehoboth is still crowded, Dewey is still partying and yes even the traffic is still obnoxious. But we here at Rehoboth Beach Music can over look the traffic because this weekend is packed full of great live music and awesome parties.

So let's get this weekend started, shall we? In Dewey it's the Bottle and Cork's closing party weekend. Tonight is the British pop band 'The English Beat' and Saturday it's 'Go Go Gadget'. This party always makes the list as one of the best of the summer so if I were you I'd put anything in your stomach that helps soak up alcohol and take your butt to the Cork. In Rehoboth you can catch great local music all weekend long but if you're craving something new and different then you have to check out Dogfish Head. This weekend they are going country on us with two up and coming buzz bands that are must see. Tonight is 'Hymn For Her' a duo act that has an Airstream, cigar box guitar and and harmonies that are oh so sweet. Tomorrow is Texas born, Georgia bred country sweetheart, Lera Lynn. She's a little bit country and a little bit soul, but definitely a lot of fun.

So as you can see we have not slowed down just because Labor Day has come and gone. In fact if if you happened to be down here this past week it was hotter now than it was all summer. So come on people, let's get rid of that old mentality that fun ends the first week of September and we all go into hibernation for the winter. Keep those bathing suits on people and let's party!


August 30, 2014

So how is everyone's weekend going, good?  I'm hoping everyone has nursed those hangovers from last night and have saved room for some more bodily punishment because the past two nights were just appetizers leading up to tonight's main courses. Rehoboth and Dewey are holding nothing back and it's going to be non-stop party all the way till Monday.

Over in Dewey, the streets are packed with people walking from bar to bar and party to party trying to take in the weekend one drink at a time. Starting at 9pm you can hear the sounds of your favorite DJs coming from The Starboard and Hammerheads as they spin your favorite dance mixes and dub sounds. If live music is more of your scene then the Rusty Rudder has you covered with one of the hottest cover band from Philadelphia, Split Decision. These guys will keep you on the dance floor all night with the top songs from the 80s, 90s and today. Since we are talking about dancing I can't forget to mention Sharon's Dance Party at The Pond in Rehoboth. Starting at 9:30pm local DJ legend Sharon puts a true rave style party with custom mixes and unique light shows that will rival any big city club.

So come on people there is plenty of stuff to do tonight. May I also suggest before hitting some of these places that you get some food in your stomach. Maybe stop by Dogfish Head for a burger, or Amuse in Rehoboth for whatever Chef Hari Cameron has on special and if you're vegan, stop by Sakatumi on the highway for some avocado rolls or some edamame. And remember, since all of us here at Rehoboth Beach Music want you to have a safe weekend, be responsible and make sure to take a cab, a bus or use a designated driver if you're out getting your drink on.


August 28, 2014

Labor Day Weekend is officially upon us everyone. The traffic is bad, the Cape district kids know this is the last weekend of freedom and the bars are stocking their shelves getting ready for the last big weekend of the summer. Of course The Starboard, Hammerheads, Rusty Rudder and the rest of Dewey Beach will be filled with the sounds of DJ's, parties and live music and we here at Rehoboth Beach Music will be around all weekend to keep you up to date on all the action.

Now to kick this weekend off we have the spot for you.Tonight at The Pond in Rehoboth, Carla from Queen Green and Jodi Lynn from The Dug will be performing together live from 6pm-9. Tonight is a big birthday bash for both ladies who shared theirs' yesterday. So come in and grab some cake, a drink and let's kick off this weekend right.

And remember kids, it might be Labor Day, but its only that way for the people who are working! For the rest of us good times, great music and some good hangovers await us...Enjoy!!


August 23, 2014

So I can't believe I'm saying this but it's the weekend before Labor Day already. Where the hell did summer go summer go people? We here at Rehoboth Beach Music have enjoyed catching all the great shows this summer season and sharing them with all of you.

With that being said let me tell you about a place we haven't talked about in awhile. Tonight starting at 8pm at The Big Chill Surf Cantina (The Cantina for short, or if your local just The Chill) Zac Sala and Roger Hillis will be performing for your listening pleasure. Both are members of the popular local band The Dug and you might know Roger from bands such as Freshly Squeezed, The Hillis Brothers and Big Fat Slim and The Has-Beens. Between the two of them this show should be a night full of good music, fun times and lots of laughs.

Keep checking back with us everyone, the season might be coming to an end but that doesn't mean the fun is. Coming to the Rusty Rudder and Bottle and Cork in September is The Delaware Music Conference and we will have the full lineup posted on here shortly and full coverage of the weekends festivities. Also Don't forget that in October its time to swing with the annual Rehoboth Beach Jazz festival.

To anyone that ever thinks that this area is still a beach town and shuts down after Labor Day, you are what I like to call... wrong. Rehoboth, Lewes, Dewey and all of sussex county still has quite the pulse all the way though the fall and into winter and you can count on us here at Rehoboth Beach Music to keep you all up to speed.


August 20, 2014

Since I've started writing this blog I have talked about different bands, local music venues, singer/songwriters, etc. I've talked about where in Lewes you can catch live music, which shows in Rehoboth were a must and which ones you could skip. I also gave a behind the scenes look at the music festivals in Dewey (don't forget another one's coming this September).

But the other day I was asked by a student of mine how come none of these blogs mentioned the Cape Henelopen High School Band? Particularly, she asked about the drum line. Honestly I didn't have a good answer for her. Being a Cape Band Alumni myself you would think I would have thought of it. So you know what, with the school year right around the corner and Friday night football games on the way, I think it's about time to give a shout out to these dedicated musicians.

For those that have never been to a Cape home game, let me see if I can paint you a picture. You're in the stands and the sun is just starting to set. Both football teams are on the field warming up, people are filling up the stands and the roar of the crowd is starting to get louder. Then off in the distance a low rumbling sound is heard. The stadium grows quiet and thousands of eyes look towards the school. This low rumble grows with intensity as crashing cymbals and machine gun like snare drums join in. All of a sudden the football team is secondary and a once sporting event is now an all out dance party. As the marching band makes it way through the stadium the drum line plays its cadence while the rest of the band shout and grunt and fans dance along to the infectious beat. The game has officially begun.

Being a percussionist myself and having marched on the drum line, I can tell you it's a great feeling watching people cheer you on and dance around you while you're playing. Ask any musician and they will tell you the same thing. When you're performing live in any situation and people are loving it, it's one of the greatest feelings in the world. These kids put in a lot of work and time to be able to bring you the best shows you have ever seen. By the way, if anyone thinks it's easy, you try and carry a drum on your shoulders or hold a horn up perfectly strait while marching in time, keep good posture, stay in step and project the sound all while sweating profusely. I've marched and play drums in a band and you know what? The marching was much more demanding.

See, I think it's a misconception that the band just sits there, plays a half time show and then goes back and sits there some more. In the stands the band is constantly playing and if the band as a unit is not playing, the drum line is. The band's job is keeping everyone's spirits up and having a good time no matter what. Not an easy task if your team is loosing but take notice, the band will never lose its enthusiasm.

Now I'm a little biased and the drum line is my favorite part of the whole night. If you're lucky you can sometimes catch a drum battle between the two lines that are there that night. These battles are usually held after the game on the 50 yard line and draw just as many people as the game itself. Both lines try to out play and strait up embarrass one another. This is when you can catch the real cool beats, stick tricks and dance moves of both drum lines.

No matter where you are from I know that you have a high school near by that is getting ready for football season. If you have not experienced a home game with your local high school band do yourself a favor and try it. For everyone that lives near Cape Henlopen come out and support your band. The kids have worked hard and are sounding great.


August 17, 2014

This past Thursday night in little ol' Rehoboth Beach, a big noise was coming out of Dogfish Head. Sounds of infectious brass, soulful guitar, blues harp and thunderous rhythms came pouring into the streets, flooding everything with sound and excitement. As you try to regain your composure after being hit with that initial wave of sound- BAM!- you're punched in the face again, only this time it's with a sexy, powerful voice that fills what's left of remaining crevices in your mind and matter that the music didn't permeate.

This is what happens when Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds come to town...and that's only the first 30 seconds of the first song.

Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds is a seven piece music monster that puts out a classic soul feel with a modern twist. The band is lead by Sister Sparrow herself, Arleigh Kincheloe. Her smooth work of the stage is more then enough to get your attention but to seal the deal, she opens her mouth and this jaw-dropping voice comes at you and then, well, that's it - you're all hers until she says otherwise.

Behind her is the equally talented Dirty Birds. These gentleman are responsible for those soulful melodies and energetic beats I mentioned earlier and when they start grooving, your butt pushes you out of your chair and walks you to the dance floor.

The show consisted of almost entirely original music, which in my opinion is a breath of fresh air in this area. But they did put in a couple of covers that of course, have been given the Dirty Treatment that blew my mind. One in particular was a version of Rock 'n Roll by Led Zeppelin and it's an arrangement that will make you say,"what the flock". You might have never thought that a trumpet and sax would would have any business in Zeppelin, but all of a sudden, there it is, they just went ahead and put it in there. And I'm thankful they did.

I got to say, this was the best show that I've heard come to town all summer. If you missed it, well it sucks for you. I'm sorry and you should know you cheated yourself.

Tell ya what I'll do for you: I'm going to get up with Dogfish and their entertainment director and make sure they have SS&TDB them coming back real soon. Make sure you make it next time.


August 6, 2014

Hello there all you happy people! Well it's all over Facebook so it must be true. Monday, August 11th The Pond in Rehoboth will be invaded by the biggest band to ever come out of the British Invasion. These lads changed music forever and to this day you can still hear the profound influence they had on the music community. Ladies and gentleman, The Threetles! Wait- who were you guys thinking it was going to be? Starting at 6pm the band will take the stage and play all their greatest hits. These guys don't come to town much so if you have the opportunity be sure and catch the show. In the words of the band, "No costumes, no wigs, just good music". We here at Rehoboth Beach Music can't agree more.

Since we are talking about Monday, don't forget the open mic at the DDC is still going strong. This coming Monday we are all in for a treat. The host band will be lead by local music legend himself, Cliff Hillis. Cliff has been busy recording his new EP and touring up and down the coast and out in California. This is also a treat for everyone if you are a fan of the local duo act The Hillis Brothers who used to rock Dewey Beach in the 90's and early 2000's. Roger Hillis will be on bass Monday as usual and backing up his brother with his cool grooves and witty bantering, (maybe if we are lucky we can catch a historic Hillis Brothers stage fight). This should be an epic night of local music and since the jam doesn't start until 9:30 you can catch the show at The Pond first and then come to the DDC. You never know, maybe The Threetles will show up and jam too! That would just be too much for this drummer to take.


August 6, 2014

It is hard to believe that the summer season is almost coming to an end and that soon all of Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes will be boarded up and its streets empty until the following year... Who the hell am I kidding? This area is no longer just a seasonal hot spot, in fact when the season is over that's when the locals come to play and the area gets its second wind. We here at R.B.M headquarters look forward to keeping all of you up to date with local happenings and experiences through out the year and thank you for your continued support.


July 23, 2014

I don't know if all of you have heard this but believe it or not, Rehoboth Beach was voted as the number one beach to visit in the country! Not only that, but it was voted the cleanest beach in the country too! We here at Rehoboth Beach Music salute all you hard working men and women who have made that possible and to all the other states that came behind us...we don't apologize

Moving on to what we do best, we have a treat for you today. We have another band spotlight! If you remember last month we talked about their majesties 'Queen Green' and we got such a big response from our spotlight segment that we decided to do it again. This time we sat down with Lewes Based Reggae Band, The Earthians. Formed Back in 2012 the Earthians have been making quite the name for themselves in the Lewes and Rehoboth developing a cult like following with their infectious reggae/rock sound and growing that popularity with every place they play.

When you go to an Earthians show you can see why they are so contagious. Smooth reggae grooves plus catchy rock riffs equals music ecstasy. The Band is made up of guitar player and lead vocalist Rob Rose, bass player/vocals Bob Harvey, who you might remember from the band Divine Proportion, Jason Foskey on guitar/ vocals and Mark Brennan from Backseat Becky fills out the line-up on drums. When talking to Rose and Harvey they said, " It's great to have so many vocalists in the band because it allows us to mix things up more". Harvey also told us, " We love to take covers and change them all around to fit our style. But we also enjoy writing original songs too".

If you are asking yourself where you can buy a cd the answer is nowhere... yet. The band is planning on releasing its EP this fall so be on the look out for the release party. In the meantime, you can always catch a show. The Earthians play all around the Lewes and Rehoboth area. On any given night you can catch them at The Green Turtle in Lewes/Rehoboth, Paradise Grill in Millsboro or even as far north as Wilmington at Kelly's Logan House. Also this year they are scheduled to play Delaware's biggest unofficial music festival, Oswaldfest.

So there you go kids, another great band coming out of this small little state that's making a big noise. The Earthians are out of this world and a must see!


July 11, 2014

Hello there all you happy people. I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th; all the great firework displays, live music and the great smells of backyard BBQ's I'm sure are still fresh in our minds. But there is no reason to be sad that it's over, in fact this is when we here at Rehoboth Beach Music and the rest of us locals get excited. Because we know that the weekend following the 4th marks one of the biggest parties of the season in Dewey Beach.

It's the time of year when the Starboard honors Pamplona, Spain with the world famous 18th Annual Running of The Bull. This is a huge event that brings in thousands of people and they all come dressed in the traditional Pamplona running gear of white with red bandannas. The crowd with the bulls will make its way from the Starboard and go across Highway 1 enroute to Houston St. This is where the run kicks it up a notch and where the Bull (which is comprised of two people in costume) makes it way to the shoreline and chases the crowd all the way back to the Starboard Bullring. Once at the ring the bull and a matador have a final show down were one will come out victorious. Not to worry though no bull or matador will be hurt.

Now everyone remember this is also a big fundraiser for our local firefighters and policeman. Last year alone they made over $80,000 for our local hero's so be sure to buy the 2014 Bull Run shirts, Koozies, foam horns and bandannas because 100% of those proceeds goes directly to those men and women in uniform.

Also. let's not forget about the music kids! After all what is a party without music? From 12-4 is Laura Lea and Tripp Fabulous. These guys have been a Starboard favorite over the years and are an exciting live act to watch. At night is a big dance party with your favorite local DJs.

So let's recap everyone: This Saturday starting at 9am is the Running of the Bull at the Starboard Restaurant in Dewey; 9-10 is the running for the kids and then at 11 the running starts for the adults. At 12 The live music starts, at 3 the bull fight begins and from 6-cl it's a non stop music filled dance party. As far as we can tell the weather should be beautiful on Saturday so let's party people!! Ole!


July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America and happy 4th of July to all of you guys. Well thanks to that dick Arthur most of the festivities planned for tonight around town have been rescheduled till tomorrow or cancelled completely. But not to worry, there still is one event going on today in Lewes whether it's cloudy or not. Every July 4th, the Shockley Brothers do what they do best and that's entertain. They get a big float, load it with drummers and parade around the town of Lewes celebrating the great U.S of A's birthday. This year, yours truly was asked to join in the festivities and I have to say I'm looking forward to playing with some great drummers.  You know, if you stop and think about this for a second this whole concept is genius. We all know that the best part of any parade is the bands and the best part of any band is the drum line, so in theory this is the greatest parade to ever! It's nothing but a big float of drummers jamming out beats and grooves that will make you want to shake your rump all the way down the street. The parade starts at 5pm and goes down Savannah Rd. and then turns down Second St. After the parade be sure to stick around town and catch all the live music happening at places like Irish Eyes, The Wharf and all the other restaurants. As far as any rescheduling goes for fireworks in Rehoboth or Dewey  just keep checking back with us here at Your Beach Life and we will have all the info for you. Enjoy everyone.


June 25, 2014

So far this summer I have talked about nothing but all the bars, clubs and restaurants that have live music for your listening pleasure. As I drove through Rehoboth today it hit me that I have neglected to mention all of the other venues that bring us great live performances every year. Venues such as the Rehoboth Beach Band Stand, Lewes Library, Milton Farmers Market and Lewes Canalfront Park take the time to promote local music and bring in some well known national acts as well.

The Farmers Market and Lewes Library both bring you the best of local music. Bands Such as "Oh Boy" a tribute to Buddy Holly, " The Funsters", "The Movies" and others  have played these stages and have pleased crowds year after year. Lewes Canalfront Park also provides the best in local music as well as family movie nights and other kid friendly and family events such as yoga classes and zumba classes. Over at The Rehoboth Band Stand you can catch local as well as national musical performances. This weekend on the band stand is the group 7 Bridges. This band is a nationally known and stunningly close Eagles tribute band that is sure to please any true fan. Then on Saturday you can catch Lewes's  own "The Funsters".

So you see there are plenty of places and venues to catch great music. You want to know something else? It's all free admission. All you need to do is bring your family a chair and a cooler and sit down and listen to the sounds of the great musicians. Enjoy everyone.


June 21, 2014

Well it's official everyone, Summer 2014 has begun. I can remember being a kid and looking forward to this weekend knowing it was the start of the weekly family trips to the beach. It was a tradition for us to get up at 5am every Saturday morning and drive the then 2 1/2 hour trip from Wilmington to Angola By The Bay, cram everything we could into that one day and drive home again on Sunday.  Ah the good old days.... Another Summer tradition, here in Delaware anyway, is the Annual Firefly Music Festival. This thing has gotten stupid popular and is going on right now in Dover and the line up of performers this year is sweet. Now that's all you're going to get out of us as far as the festival goes because after all we are Rehoboth Beach Music and we don't think it's fair that Firefly gets all the publicity this weekend especially when there is some awesome music to be had in this area over the next few days; in our opinion any one of these local bands could be on that stage in Dover.

Over in Long Neck at Paradise Grill you can catch Delaware's own reggae band, The Earthians from 3-6pm and then at 7pm catch the amazing sounds of The Dug. Over in Lewes at Irish, Eyes Queen Green takes the the stage at 9pm. Folks there is not much more that we can say about this bunch except if you have not seen them yet you're depriving yourself of a great time.

Now Dogfish has a cool show happening tonight. At 10pm one of Americas first "third wave" ska bands "The Toasters" will be performing. Formed in NYC, The Toasters have been around since 1981 and have been an influence on bands such as No Doubt and The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones. This is a big name act doing a no cover concert right here in our back yard and when it's done you can go home and shower and get in a soft bed. How sweet is that?

For being only the first day of Summer this line up looks pretty outstanding, if I do say so myself. Remember guys this is just some of the stuff that is happening this weekend, for a complete listing take a look at the Rehoboth Beach Music Page itself. Cheers!


June 18, 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you're enjoying this beautiful day. For what I can see this, might be the last day without rain until the weekend so savor the moment. 

Over this past weekend we here at Rehoboth Beach Music decided to head to Wilmington for the St. Anthony's Day Italian Festival. As soon as we got out of the car, the smell of sausage and peppers, spezzato and ricotta puffs filled the air with sweet and savory scents and our mouths instantly began to drool like a puppy waiting to be fed. "What does any of this have to do with music?" you might ask. Well, I've been attending the festival since I was a kid and every year great bands were there to perform Italian classics and modern chart toppers. The music was always good but I always wondered why all the bands were from out of state? How come the people in charge of this event didn't grab local bands and have them perform here? Well I guess this year someone thought the way I do because as I'm sitting under one of the food tents stuffing my face, I start hearing the sounds of Sinatra coming from the stage across the street. As soon as I heard the cool voice I knew it could only be one person, Mr. Brian Clark. Brian has made a great name for himself from here to Vegas, playing shows and perfecting his craft for over 30 years. He can sing anything from Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr to Michael Jackson and if you're not paying attention you will forget it's him and think you are listening (and even watching) those guys in the flesh. As I stood there watching him I could see the crowds gather and the smiles grow bigger on their faces. I have to say, the smile on my face kept growing too because finally one of our own had a chance to shine and people loved it.

Now, I'm not going to say that we here at Rehoboth Beach Music had anything to do with Brian getting into the festival, his talent did that all by itself.  But we are hoping that we are helping open peoples' eyes to what this area has to offer musically. Rehoboth, Lewes, Dewey and all of Sussex County is oozing with talent and we're gonna  keep talking about it, showing it off and doing whatever else we can to let everybody know about it.


June 14, 2014

In the Rehoboth Beach, Dewey and Lewes area all the shops and restaurants have been unboarded, dusted out and are now open for business,The Dart Buses are now running more frequently and causing their usual traffic jams and all the meters are now up and the lovely rent-a-cops are out doing what they do best.... pissing people off. AH YES, this could only mean one thing.... the Summer season has begun! Even though the official Summer start date isn't for another week the season is in full swing here at the DE Beaches. We here at Rehoboth Beach Music love this time of year because this is when the music scene really kicks into high gear. Every day of the week from now till September this area is packed to the max with live music. You can catch live music in restaurants, festivals, farmers markets, city band stands and other community functions. This time of year is when all eyes turn to little Sussex County to get a gander at what is happening in the music world.

I would like to introduce you to a band we have not yet talked about here on Rehoboth Beach Music. At The Cultured Pearl tonight is the R&B- Jazz quartet Diamond Groove fronted by the lovely Susanne Ludwig Truitt. The band plays everything from jazz standards to modern pop and R&B hits and even though they are a relatively new band they have created quite the buzz around town. Diamond groove also consists of local music icons Barry Eli on piano and Ken Schleifer on drums and rounding out the band is bass prodigy George Freeman. I promise you when you listen to these guys it is nothing short of musical sex for your ears!

While we're on the subject of new, has everyone heard about Paradise Grill yet? This place is located off of Longneck Rd in Potnets Bayside. It opened last year to great reviews and this year it's bigger and even better. For those that don't know Paradise Grill is a beach bar/restaurant that sits right on the bay and has some of the best food and music around. Tonight at 7 The Dug will take the stage and the party will last till they kick us out!

Since the Summer season is upon us we here at Rehoboth Beach Music decided to make some upgrades ourselves. We added a Rehoboth Beach Music Page to to keep up with your music fix. Feel free to check out the page here and get complete music and live entertainment schedules for all your favorite places in Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes. Enjoy everyone.


June 10, 2014

Here at Rehoboth Beach Music it is our passion to showcase the talents of local musicians to the rest of the world. This small state is overflowing with great singer/songwriters, bands, guitar players, drummers - you name it. On any given night you can walk into a restaurant and catch acts like The Dug, Lower Case Blues or Love Seed Mama Jump. Walk a couple of doors down and you can find world famous guitar player Keith Mack or even national recording artist Cliff Hillis. The Streets of Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Dewey Beach are flooded with the captivating sounds of local music that just pulls you in. One of these bands that are among this local scene is Queen Green.

Queen Green (aka... and the Drama Kings) Is a high energy pop/rock cover band that has been making a name for themselves since 2009. Queen Green is fronted by Carla DiGiacomo on lead vocals, Tom walls on lead/rhythm guitars, Josh Yost on bass, Mark Hudson on drums and Orion Moses on rhythm/lead guitars. Although the name Queen Green has been around since 2009 the band in its present lineup is new and as Carla said, " I have loved every step of Queen Green and with every step the band has gotten better and better. The new line up is like no other version of the band and has brought new energy and power to the shows. We love to play, we laugh a lot and truly enjoy entertaining!" Carla and the guys love to mix it up and put their own twist on popular songs. For example their version of Party In The U.S.A is a cover by Life On Repeat and their versions of Roar, Royals and Ho Hey all have some sort of twist to them. I promise this band will leave you guessing, screaming, jumping up and down and wanting more.

You can catch Queen Green at venues such as The Pond in Rehoboth, Hammerheads Dockside at the Indian River Inlet, Irish Eyes in Lewes, The Deer Park Tavern in Newark and many other places. The band is super stoked for their Oct, 4 2014 gig at JB McGinnes in New Castel, DE where they will be opening up for Carla's Husband's band, Hellbomber. For a full list of the band's schedule you can check out Besides fronting Queen Green Carla flexes her royal pipes with dozens of acoustic shows all over DE, PA and parts of MD. She performs acoustic shows with guitarist Tom or other talented musicians such as Mike Patterson from Candiflyp, Pete Weidman from Love Seed Mama Jump, Jodi Lynn Cohee from The Dug and Marty Mitchel from Cherry Crush. Her acoustic set is just as diverse as the full band's with everything from top 40 hits to obscure covers. There are even some memorable Saturday morning cartoon theme songs (Yeah, Kids) thrown in for fun.

Queen Green is a band that is sure to please and one of the best bands to ever come out of Delaware. Carla is truly the Queen of hype and her band of players are masters at their craft. Whenever they hold court it is a non stop party from start to finish. So to all my lords and ladies I say, support local music and let's give a bow and round of applause, to Queen Green.


June 9, 2014

The Delaware Distilling Company's  Weekly open mic night has become a must do in the Rehoboth Beach/Dewey nightlife. Just like we all know that every Tuesday is Dollar Night at Northbeath and every Thursday is Love Seed at the Rudder, we all look forward to Open Mic Monday at the DDC. Every week bands like The Dug, Plot Twist, Modern Day Addiction, Robert Blair and many more come out and perform and show off their love of music for you. In one night sitting at the bar you can hear the future of music, meet music legends such as Keith Mack (Scandal) or Doug James (Grammy Winner) or sit and rub elbows with local hero's like our fireman or teachers. We hear at Rehoboth Beach Music have always said, "It's much more then the music-  it's about the community and its people and how to bring everyone together to help grow this great area and how to have fun''. There was a need in this area for a real life "Cheers" and the DDC has filled that void beautifully with its open mic night.  Everybody knows your name and the bar tenders will slide your drinks to you without you ever speaking a word. For those interested in performing at the jam the sign ups start at 9. The show itself kicks off at 9:30. Cheers!!!


June 6, 2014

Hello there all you happy people. Today is Friday and if you're anything like us you should all be getting ready to belly up to the bar and get this weekend kicked off right. Actually now that I'm looking at the time, I'm the one who is running late and most of you guys are probably at least three drinks in (I'm Jealous). But hey if you're already out and about I have tonight's entertainment list for you. In fact, you might luck out and already be sitting at one of the night's hot spots. If you're dragging your hopper cushion around like me don't worry, the music has not started yet.

Kicking the night's festivities off at 6:00 is the talented Vicki Dee over at The Pond in Rehoboth. Vicki has been performing around the area for over 10 years and wherever she goes she brings the party with her. Following her at 9:30 is The Pond's famous Friday Night Dance Party. It's none stop club music and shot ordering from 9:30-1am! I recommend a cab ride home after this one (Beach Ride Taxi is 302.645.6800 and Shamrock Taxi is 302.360.8360.

If blues is more your speed, then Bethany Blues in Lewes is the place to be tonight. Starting at 8:30 John Coley and To The Mix will be performing. This 6 piece band is full of energy, fun and lots of soul. Playing everything from Pop, R&B and Jazz to modern day hits this band is a must catch.

Here at Rehoboth Beach Music we try and stay pretty neutral and not show any type of favoritism towards certain shows. But sometimes a show comes around and we just can't help ourselves. Tonight at Dogfish Head is a show that no one should miss. I even suggest that if your significant other doesn't want to go. take the break up and leave them behind. Here's why: at 10pm, it's a night of off the wall ska music, fronted by The Bullbuckers. Besides a ridiculously cool name, this Delaware-based band is a ska party lover's delight playing music that's a mix of ska, reggae and soul, combined with a stage presence that will keep you smiling ear to ear. Following the 'buckers, is King Django, the internationally acclaimed, New York based soul & ska performer. Tonight's performance features the king's quintet and his unusual mix of style and sound where you (just might) hear everything from ska, rocksteady and reggae, to dub and dance music, with a few Yiddish folk tunes thrown in. This is going to be one awesome show featuring two fantastic and prolific bands.

Yep, it's gonna be that kinda' night on the local music scene, with entertainment in Rehoboth and Lewes that's going to be simply incredible. Speaking of incredible, if you know about some cool entertainment we're not mentioning, let us's easy. Just sign up as a member (it's free), and post away. Once we see it, we'll pick it up and feature in Rehoboth Beach Music.


June 5, 2014

It might not be Friday, it might even be a little cloudy outside but the beauty of The Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach night life during the in season is that there is always some kind of entertainment happening. Monday and Tuesday's are now just as lively as Friday and Saturday's and if it's raining outside it's just another excuse to have an extended happy hour party with live music..and you can do this seven nights a week. Today is no exception, it's Thursday and here at Rehoboth Beach Music we got a full night's worth of entertainment for you.

Starting at 4pm at Hammerheads dockside local favorites The Dug will take the stage. You might remember seeing these guys last year on Sundays as a trio. However this year they lose the two acoustic guitars and the hand drum and bring out the full band. You get to experience The Dug in their natural set up of electric guitars, bass and full set of drums. if you liked them last year then this year you will fall in love!

Now, up in Lewes, Irish Eyes is making it a party tonight as well. Starting at 8:00pm classic rock cover band 33 and a 1/3rd will be performing. Playing everything from The Beatles to Badfinger these local performers have been making people dance, smile and reminisce about just how good that music was. At The Rust Rudder in Dewey it's all out balls to the wall with its weekly dose of Love Seed mamma Jump! Starting at 10pm the boys from Love Seed will take over Thursday night and give it back when they are damn good and ready. Known for their energetic live shows and off the wall versions of popular songs Love Seed has earned our vote as the Kings of Thursday night entertainment.

Something that I have forgotten to mention in weeks past is a new version of open mic that has taken Fenwick Island by storm. Go With The Flow Band is a local cover band that literally has a song list of over 1000 songs. They play everything from Elvis to Adel to AC/DC. Fronted by the amazing Flow herself whose vocal range and stage presence can hang with the best, she is truly a blast to watch. But besides playing full band shows they do something called Band-e-okee every Thursday at High Stakes Bar and Grill In Fenwick Island, DE. What is band-e-okee you ask? It's playing, singing and performing with a live band instead of a machine. Tell me that's not cool. You get to sing or play and have the feeling of being a rock star fronting (or backing up) a live band. The show starts at 7pm and goes to 11pm. I recommend getting there early because the last time I was there it was standing room only.

As you can see the night life around the area is growing more and more and entertainment is no loner just a Friday Saturday thing. So get out there and enjoy yourself after all it is Your Beach Life....Live it!


June, 3 2014

In the off season around the Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach areas Tuesday is... well rather boring. However this is June and they are anything but. In fact, during the summer months Tuesdays are like Saturdays for the locals and they can't wait to have their town back for that one precious day. Now here at Rehoboth Beach Music we know this and we went looking around for who has what and what are the must do's this season. Every Tuesday in Rehoboth starting at 6pm you can catch Carla and Pete at The Pond. That's right, The Queen herself and Mr. Weidman bring their popular acoustic duo act to you for your entertaining pleasure. Right down the street at 9:30pm The Dug takes the stage at The Ale House. This four piece powerhouse has been Rocking this area for the past two years and have become one of the most popular bands in the region. At Hammerheads Dockside a new Tuesday tradition just started this season but is already becoming a must do - from 4-7pm  Delaware Blues Boys, Lowercase Blues take the stage at Dockside to throw a blues beach party. Playing everything from BB. King to Hendrix, Lowercase is an explosion of sound that will send shock waves through you. With good music, a killer view and great specials it's no wonder why this place is so popular. Now for those reading this that are local your probably thinking "I can't believe this guy is not  mentioning the most famous thing to do on Tuesday night"! Come on every one say it with me, "Every Tuesday at Northbeach in Dewey It's Dollar Night!!!!". Bud lights are $1, Malibu spiced rum drinks are a $1 and of course the infamous Dewey Devil is a $1. Pushing out marathon 2hr sets that are packed with energy is the band Tricky Dick. These guys are considered the hardest working and most energetic band in Dewey and will be there every Tuesday. I don't know locals, with a line up like this I don't think we are going to be able to keep Tuesdays to ourselves. But that's no big deal the more the merrier. Also if anyone knows of anything else that's going on I missed please leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get it up.


May, 31 2014

You know a lot of times I try and think of witty and clever ways of opening these posts up so I can hopefully grab your attention and all that stuff. However, for as nice as it is outside today we are just going to get right to it because I want to get out and enjoy this great weather. Le'ts start off in Lewes. Tonight at Irish Eyes, yours truly will be playing with The Dug. We have learned some new songs and plan on revealing them tonight so come check us out at 9:30. At the Green Turtle is DJ Surf starting at 10. Remember, you don't have to be a member of the Mug Club to still take advantage of their awesome late night happy hour (but it does help). If you're heading to Rehoboth trying to pass Dogfish Head is going to be useless. Today is the 4th annual "It's a FIRKIN Riot" festival. All day and into the night they will be serving delicious beer from a custom rack that holds 6 firkins and sits atop the bar. The kitchen will be serving fish and chips and meat pies all day and DJs will be jamming British rock music for the whole event. I say if you can't beat them, join them and don't even fight trying to pass Dogfish -  just join the festivities. In Dewey Beach it's a none stop party as well. The Bottle and Cork kicks off the night at 5 with its open jam featuring Split Decision, The Wild Ones and The Vigilantes. Don't forget this show is free! At The Rusty Rudder, Love Seed Mamma Jump will be doing their thing starting at 10. This is awesome because Thursday when they usually play, it was crappy out so this makes up for it. If it's a DJ you crave not to worry, Hammerheads and The Starboard both have you covered starting at 9 and going till close. So there you have, it the night's entertainment, brought to you today by the folks here at Rehoboth Beach Music and by the letter Y and the number 14. Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful day!   


May, 30 2014

Looking at the clock I see we are on the final count down to Friday night Happy Hour! By the time you read this we should be at about 30min and counting people. In my opinion, once I get my $2 beer or 1/2 off rail I want to hear good music. To me Friday happy hour is a party and you can't have a party without music. No place is doing this better than The Wharf in Lewes. These guys have great drink and food specials from 4-7 and every Friday The Wise Guys perform from 6-10. The Wise Guys are a fun cover band that has been pulling in the crowd for the past 25 years. This is what I call a real happy hour party! Now if you'd rather relax more or start your night later, Bethany Blues has you covered. Starting at 8:30 is local legend Elwood Bishop and No Byscuts. This band is just plain cool. Playing everything from funk to hip hop these cats are as smooth as that $50/ shot of bourbon you see on the menu. Keeping it in the spirit of local legends, Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach has one of the greatest bluesmen to ever live. Mr. Tom Larsen and his band will be hitting the stage at 10p and hitting it hard. This trio powerhouse is known for its long jams and jaw dropping skills. This band doesn't play much so I would suggest making this show a must catch. So get out there and enjoy some local legends and get your happy night on!!


May, 28 2014

You know, sometimes I think Wednesday gets overlooked-like it has middle child syndrome. Let's face it, people don't mind Thursday because it means the next day is Friday and Friday is great because it's the last day of the work week. Saturday and Sunday are like new born babies and are everyone's favorite and with the DDC's open mic night on Mondays and The Dug at the Ale House on Tuesdays those nights have gone from suck to greatness. That leaves poor little Wednesday, with the only thing going for it is it's got a great nick name. That is until now.

All summer long at The Starboard in Dewey you can catch Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous. This dynamic duo has been a Dewey favorite for years. Grab yourself a Bloody Mary or an Orange Crush and listen to your favorite songs every Wednesday. Also, every Wednesday at Irish Eyes in Lewes is team trivia with Keith White. This is one of the most fun trivia games you will find. Keith keeps it entertaining with his DJ skills and off the wall questions. Irish Eyes itself has a great staff and awesome food so it's no wonder that teams flock to these games. Sign ups are at 7 and the game start at 7:30.

Looks to me like Wednesday has a lot more to show off than just its nick name (although hump day is awesome). So let's stop overlooking poor Wednesday and show it the respect it so rightfully deserves.


May, 27 2014

Happy Thank God Memorial Day Weekend is over Day! Today is the day we salute all you bartenders, servers, cooks, cashiers and anyone else that's in the restaurant/retail business. Most of us here at Rehoboth Beach Music were and still are in the same line of work and we understand what it's like to bite your tongue and put on a smile when a customer yells at you for bringing him soup (that he asked for) because he wanted a salad. Ladies and gentleman you rolled with the punches and put up with the insults all week and we think you deserve to treat yourself to a night out and have others wait on you. You should be able to sit back have a beer, listen to live music or even play team trivia. And you know what?  You can do those things tonight.

At Grotto's Pizza Grand Slam in Lewes they have team trivia starting at 7pm. For those that might have to work in the morning this is a perfect way to unwind. You can grab some drinks, have a pie and show off your IQ and be in bed before 11pm.

Now for those of you who have to work tonight or have off Wednesday The Ale House in Rehoboth has you covered. You can catch one of the area's favorite local bands, The Dug every Tuesday from 9:30-cl and Betsy and Jodie love to cater to fellow industry workers. With great bar specials and a new late night menu you can recharge yourself and get that pampering you so well deserve.

Let's not forget that everyday we should thank a Veteran because if not for them we would not have these jobs that we do now. In fact we wouldn't have anything we do now. But we also can't forget the men and women who keep this country running and do the everyday jobs that we sometimes take for granted. Thank You all!!


May, 24 2014

Well Memorial Day Weekend is in full swing everybody and for what the weather shows it's going to be a great day! This is a good day to hit the boardwalk and get yourself some Nicola's Pizza or some salt water taffy from Dolly's or better yet give the kids some money for Ryan's Mini Golf and you and the wife grab a drink or share some time on the beach together. Thing is, here at Rehoboth Beach Music we understand that just because it's Memorial Day Weekend and supposed to be a vacation, most of you are traveling as a family with young kids. With that said there are plenty of places to go out and see live music and have a great time as a family. Starting at 8:30 Bethany Blues has an awesome band called Three Sheets. These guys are great at their craft and get down right funky. Looks like Sydney has brought another gem to her stage. Now Keeping with the family vibe The Pond has happy hour entertainment starting at 5:30 with The Girlfriends. This guitar and drum duo will rock you with their great harmonies and fun covers. Getting into more 21 and over territory Irish Eyes in Lewes has the band Ginger starting at 9:30. This band is tons 'o' fun playing everything from The Beatles to Katy Perry. Also the bass player is a must watch!! Back in Rehoboth Beach, Dogfish Head has an up and coming band from PA , Drivin' N Cryin'. They're what I like to call a tri-blended band featuring a hard rock base with a touch of country ballads all fused together with a hint of blues. Show starts at 10 and is a must see. Speaking of Memorial Day Weekend being in full swing, Dewey Beach is in Overdrive!. The Starboard and Hammerheads both have DJs for your dancing pleasure and The Bottle and Cork has music starting at 5 with all the great party bands such as Go Go Gadjet and My Hero Zero. Starting at 10 Tricky Dick w/Kalai King take the stage at Northbeach. Honestly, I don't know much about these guys but the name sounds awesome! Remember the nice thing about Dewey is all the bars are in walking distance and they are all pouring so there is no need to get behind the wheel. Honestly, Rehoboth and Lewes are the same. You can walk everywhere you want to go and if you really need to go out of walking distance take a cab. It's a lot cheaper then the D.U.I I bet. So let's have a toast to a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget to thank a Veteran!



May, 23 2014

It's 10:30 on a Friday night and if you're not stuck in traffic it's not too late to get in on some weekend fun. The music has just started in Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach; the bars are still pouring and the bands are still jamming. Go Go Gadjet is at the Rusty Ruddy and if you have never checked them out you are missing out. Their live performance is second to none and will keep the party going all night. Over at Northbeach is Blue Label fronted by the talented and HOT Mandi Meros. Blue Label is a cover "super band" you might say. Made up of members from Burnt Siena, Mr. Greengeens and other popular cover bands, members of these bands got together and formed this hard hitting, in your face powerhouse. In Rehoboth Beach the Purple Parrot has karaoke for those of you that wish to show off your inner diva and at the Summer House DJ Petch is turning the tables and pumping out the jams. So get out of that hotel room or just leave that car on the highway and head into the bar and get yourself a well deserved drink!


May, 22 2014

The official start to the summer season is only days away now and Rehoboth Beach, Dewey and Lewes are making preparations for Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately some of these preparations, like meter parking suck, but for the most part the changes are a welcoming site. Stores such as Thrashers Fries and Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard will be opening and of course Funland will have its rides operating and the game rooms will be ready to accept your rolls of quaters. Now us here at Rehoboth Beach Music can't wait to fill up on fries and then smash the hell out of each other on the bumper cars but we are also looking forward to the live music schedule being put together around the area. Starting the weekend off this fine Thursday night at the DDC (Delaware Distilling Company) is Lower Case Blues at 7pm. This powerhouse trio is one of Rehoboth's Favorite bands and will keep your eyes glued to the stage with their funky grooves and shredding guitars.  At Irish Eyes in Lewes The Fabulous Shockley Brothers hit the stage at 7pm. This band is made up of all local celebrities and have been playing locally and nationally for over 25 years and keep the dance floor overflowing all night. Now remember when I talked about towns changing and making preparations for the summer season? Well there is one such change that happens in Dewey that a lot of people say marks the official coming of summer. It's when The Rusty Rudder's Deck is taken over every Thursday night by the band Love Seed Mamma Jump. These Guys have been Rocking Dewey since the early 90's and have become to Dewey what Rocky is to Philadelphia. Tonight kicks off their summer season and if I were you I wouldn't miss it. Show starts at 10 and goes until close. Remember this is just Thursday people, just imagine the rest of the weekend.


May, 20 2014

Need something to do on this wonderful Tuesday night? Well Downtown Rehoboth Beach has you covered. Tonight (and every Tuesday) The Dug will be at The Rehoboth Ale House on Wilmington Ave. from 9:30-1a. The Dug has become one of the areas favorite bands and are known for their catchy originals and crowd pleasing covers. Playing everything from the Grateful Dead to TLC there is something for everyone in their set list. Also right up the street at The Pond it is the last DJ Tuesday. Starting at 10p DJ Woody will be spinning the jams and rocking the pond till close for the last time this season. Being a customer you have the best of both worlds. A live band and a DJ right in walking distance of each other. I would definitely take advantage of that!


May, 19 2014

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a chance to check out the weekends Festivities. The staff here at Rehoboth Beach Music hit as many as we could and have the battle scars to prove it. You can tell summer is right around the corner because when we got into Rehoboth finding a place to park was nightmarish. Everyone is trying to take advantage of that free parking before this weekend. However just because its Monday doesn't mean the fun is over. In fact since the Delaware Distilling Company has started their open mic night it always feels like a three day weekend. This is more then just a open mic though it has grown to become a local event. If anyone can even wrap their heads around a time of not having Facebook or Myspace or any type of social networking social networking was done face to face and most times help at a bar. That's what its like Monday's at DDC. Local bands play to entertain but to also show off their skills to hopefully get gigs. Locals come to catch up and talk about their day, listen to music and if they are business owners themselves they will talk shop with anyone interested in listening. Even non locals come in to for the music. But they also catch up on what is going on around town, where do the locals like to go and what has been going on since the last time they visited the Rehoboth Beach area. It kind of a fresh of breath air I must say to be able to see that people are starting to go out and listen to live music and put down the phones and talk to each other. Its amazing what a simple open mic night can do! Come in and enjoy the music, the fun and the movement at the DDC every Monday at 9:30p.


May, 17 2014

What does Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and Lewes have in common besides being located in Delaware? All have bad ass music going on tonight! I have said more then once that Saturday is my favorite day of the week and after you hear what's going on around town you will understand why. First, The Bottle and Cork in Dewey is kicking the evening off with their first Jam Session of the season. The Bottle and Cork Jam Session is a free concert of 3 bands, sometimes local and some national that get a chance to take the stage and play at the world's most famous rock 'n' roll bar. The jam usually kicks off around 5pm. Now if you're into Blues you are going to have to check out Bethany Blues tonight because starting at 8:30p is a young guy from Baltimore named Ruben Montoya - (Hello)! Influenced from everyone from Jimmy Hendrix to ZZ Top this kid has a funky Texas style blues and root rock sound that will blow the roof off the joint. Starting at 9:30 at Irish Eyes in Lewes is the Fabulous Shockley Brothers. These Guys are local legends and have been pleasing audiences for the past 25+years. Playing everything from Wilson Pickett to Prince the dance floor is always crowded. Now if it's original music that gets that "O" face on then Dogfish Head is where you want to be at 10p. Sister duo, The Hello Strangers are a Philadelphia based, Austin-influenced, indie sister folk band. Known for their unearthly harmonies and gravitating melodies these ladies will captivate and mesmerize you the whole time they are on stage. Just lookin' for a party filled with music? No problem, because The Pond has you covered (no pun intended). Local Favorite Queen Green will be rocking out starting at 9:30. Fronted by The Queen herself, Carla DiGiacomo this band just rocks!!!! Playing everything from Barenaked Ladies to Katy Perry this is a high energy show that is sure to please everyone! See, now you can see why I love Saturdays so much. Now us here at Rehoboth Beach Music also remind you to drink responsibly and remember cab numbers. In fact, we'll help you out: Beach Ride Taxi is 302.645.6800 and Shamrock Taxi is 302.360.8360.


May, 12 2014

Not too often do you hear the words Monday and fun together. However, since the open mic started at the Delaware Distilling Company (DDC) in Rehoboth, Monday/Funday  is a term that's grown in popularity. Every Monday you can catch up and coming local bands based out of Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach and Ocean City. Bands Like Plot Twist and Modern Day Addiction have been building their craft and building a following every week and are perfect examples of the future of Delaware music. Musicians Like Robert Blair, members of Lower Case Blues and Freshly Squeezed also frequently visit and show off their music talents. Now you can't forget about the host band, The Dug. The Dug will entertain you with their catchy originals and sing along covers and are making quite the name for themselves in the Rehoboth Beach Music Scene. Also let's not forget about the talented and Beautiful Ashley behind the bar. She will keep the drinks flowing, the conversation entertaining and if you're lucky, she will pick up the microphone and belt out a tune or two. Along with Ashley is Albert and he might not sing but he can mix a damn good drink and keep the party going. If you haven't checked out the DDC's open mic then you are missing out. It's a night packed with local music, local spirits and local fun. Even if you're from out of town you will be a local by the time you walk out the door. For any of the musicians interested in playing sign ups start at 9p and the show starts at 9:30p. Spots are limited so get there early. Hope to see you all at the DDC on Monday's (tonight) and remember to support local music.


May, 9 2014

Well, we made it through another week everyone, it's Friday. I remember being in school thinking how much I loved Fridays. It marked the end of another grueling week of crap and was the start of my two days of freedom. Now I know most of us have jobs that make us work weekends sometimes but you have to admit there is still something that brings a smile to your face when you hear it's Friday. If you're in the restaurant business it means you're going to make some cash. It also means if you happen to work in a place that has live entertainment you get to hear it anytime you want.

To me that's another thing Friday screams, the start of the live entertainment for the weekend. Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and Lewes are kicking off the weekend right. In Dewey it's the Rusty Rudder's DJ Festival. All night long you can dance to Sampaling styles of some of the best DJ's around. In Rehoboth, The Pond has their own dance party starting at 9:30pm but before that, The Dug Duo will be performing from 6-9pm. Up the street At Dogfish Head The Wallace Brothers Band Takes the stage at 10pm. These guys can be classified as 'phsychedelic country music' but also enjoy bluegrass, jazz, and strait up rock. That show should be entertaining!! Now at Bethany Blues in Lewes they have a new comer playing. His name is Andy Poxon and he is a regional Blues player from the MD, VA area who has been on the seen since 2009 and making quite the name for himself; Miss Sydney Arzt has always had an ear for talent so if she has this young man coming in it's going to be good.

Man, all this music and that's just Friday night. See I told you there was something special about Fridays. Enjoy the night everyone and check back here for Saturday's line up.


May, 7 2014

Happy Wednesday... Merry third day of the week... Good hump day everyone! However you you want to say it it's the middle of the week and we all deserve a little bit of fun to keep pushing us forward towards the weekend. Your friendly staff here at Rehoboth Beach Music has you covered. The Pond in Rehoboth has open mic tonight with BJ Muntz from Lowercase Blues. Sign ups start at 9 and so does the party. The whole night is packed with talented musicians and good vibes and Mr. Muntz is never less than brilliant with his stage antics and musicianship. Also tonight at Irish Eyes in Lewes is team trivia with Keith White. Game starts at 8 and goes until its done. Usually around 10. Enjoy your hump day everyone and your night too ;-)!!


May, 6 2014

Hello every, sorry for being M.I.A the past week but when you feel like you've been punched in the face 27 times with the Congestion Fist of Justice you can't focus on the computer screen too well. I know I usually talk about stuff to do over the weekends but just because it's not the weekend doesn't mean there isn't cool stuff to do. Wednesday is team Trivia at Irish Eyes in Lewes with Keith White. Irish Eyes is personally one of my favorite places. The bartenders are awesome, the food is good and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Now on Thursdays, the Pond in Rehoboth has what they call 'Acoustic Thursdays' which is where you can catch your favorite bands in a more relaxed personal one on one acoustic show. This week it's Queen Green and The Drama Kings. If you haven't heard these guys yet do yourself a favor and catch the show. Front woman Carla and her powerhouse vocals and the rest of her crew are a sure crowd pleaser.  Also, if you haven't already you have to try their garlic hot wings. The bad garlic breath you will have afterwards is well worth it. See, who says only the weekends are fun?


April, 25 2014

T.G.I.F is all I got to say! I don't know about the rest of you but I am very happy to see that the weekend has arrived and for what I can tell from the weather so far its going to be gorgeous out! I'm thinking tomorrow is looking like a beach day, who's with me? I do know what I'm getting into tonight though and that's some drinks and music. The Pond is kicking happy Hour off with The Girlfriends at 5:30 and at 9:30 they will be having there Friday night Dance Party. Now if you prefer to unwind your day with a good scotch and some blues then head on over to Bethany Blues to catch Johnny Rowls. Strait from Mississippi Johnny pulls from his gospel and southern soul roots and delivers a intense live show that oozes with cool. Show starts at 8p and I highly recommend it. Now to finish an evening you can't beat grabbing a pint at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth. Tonight would be especially worth while because at 10p Paul Lewis and members of Y-Not take the stage. Y-not has been a popular eastern regional band for years and they are back now with another legend singer Paul Lewis. this semi-unplugged show will be the perfect way to hear great music, unwind and enjoy your beer.

If my clock is right we have about 4hrs till Happy Hour starts, and this night kicks off. So let  the count down begin and lets get this weekend started! Don't forget Drink responsible and if you need a cab you can find them on here at



April,21 2014

So how was everyone's weekend? Please tell me you guys made it out to the Delaware music festival at The Rudder over the weekend because it was killer! If you didn't let me just say not only were you wrong not to go but stupid. Bands like The Bullbuckers, The Dug, Freshly Squeezed and Love Seed rocked Rudder Town to its core and blew peoples minds. However for those that didn't make it you can all redeem yourselves tonight by coming to the DDC's weekly jam session. As usual you can catch some of the finest local bands and singer/songwriters there tonight. Some of the bands that you missed over the weekend will be performing too like The Dug and members of Freshly Squeezed. So come on lets take off the dummy cap and get out of the corner and hit live it up tonight at The DDC. show starts at 9:30 and goes until Ashley says get out! Later everyone!


April,12 2014

I think spring has finally sprung people; so far we have had two days of sun and temperatures in the 70's! Maybe mother nature is making up for the last couple of weeks of frozen hell. I think this glorious day deserves a celebration with lots of drinks, food and of course good music! There are some great things happening all night in Rehoboth and Lewes. The Pond has the powerhouse duo Mama's Black Sheep at 5:30p and Ice Station Zero at 9:30. At 10p The Underwater Sounds take the stage at Dogfish Head. This female fronted (which is fantastic by itself), roots-rock reggae band from Philly is nothing short of mesmerizing. If you're heading down to Lewes be sure to stop by Bethany Blues where 13 time Wammie Winner Eric Scott will be playing with Dan Leonard and Mike Aubin (from Deanna Bogart band) at 8:30p. Everything from Neo-soul to funk these guys will keep a dance floor crowded. Now if you're craving some top 20 hits from the 60s,70s and 80s you have to hit Irish Eyes in Lewes. At 9:00p The Movies, who have been a local favorite for over 20 year hit the stage. Being at one of their show can be compared to being at any classic rock concert. Close your eyes and you might just think your watching the Ed Sullivan show live and hearing all those great acts in person.

Now don't forget The Rudder opens tonight in Dewey! If you want more info on that check out our Dewey Beach Party 2014 blog page. Now go and enjoy this beautiful weather!



April,7 2014

First off, how was your weekend everyone? For those that came out to see The Dug thank you and you rock! Now I know it's Monday but believe it or not I'm actually happy it is. No I haven't gone crazy people, it's just that the open mic night at The DDC for lack of better words is The Shiznat!! First let me thank all of the musicians who have been coming out it's been awesome to hear the talent this area has to offer! I also want to thank Ashley and the rest of the staff at The DDC who have been busting their butts keeping up with the crowd. Now, for those who still have not made it out yet all I can say is, "You must not be playing with a full deck". The DDC's open mic night shows off what Rehoboth has to offer in the way of music, drinks and a life style. It doesn't make a difference if you're a performer or just a patron, as the night goes on we all become locals. Sign up's start at 9 and show starts at 9:30 but I'm going to warn performers now that it has been getting crowded so to be guaranteed a spot get out early to sign up. So everyone come out and support local music it's a good time!



April,5 2014

It must be Saturday. I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon, I turned on the radio to The Beatles Get Back (one of my favorites) and when I looked in the mirror, my bald spot was gone! I love Saturdays!! If you're like me you spend your Saturday days with family sometimes. You might go have lunch or do some shopping, stuff you thought about doing all week. Now if you have kids you're going to do whatever they want and that's it. So by the time Happy Hour comes rolling we want to drop the kids off with grandma and grandpa and hit the town in search of anything alcoholic and music that doesn't come from Disney. I got you covered everybody. The Pond in Rehoboth has one of the locals favorite bands The Dug (hey, I'm in that band!) from 5:30-8:30. We play everything from Tom Petty to The Lumineers and keep the dance floor full. This band has also been voted to have the best looking rhythm section in the area! At 8p Bethany Blues in Lewes has the Jazz/R&B band Comfort Zone. These Guys are a dancer's delight fronted by lead vocalist Mary Snow Brown and Drummer/Vocalist Rikk Nixon (formally of Trouble Funk) playing everything from Chaka Khan to James Brown. You're probably thinking, can there be anymore? After all, he just mentioned James Brown. Well my friends, yes, there's more - Dogfish Head back in Rehoboth has Jon Langford & Skull Orchard. All of you Dogfish Head beer fans might already know Jon's name from a lot of the art work he has done for the Dogfish Beer labels. Now take those cool, edgy and memorable drawings and turn them into songs. This show will captivate you and if you're not paying attention, will punch you in the face with intensity. Take my advice do the family thing early. If you have kids, wear them out so they can sit with the grandparents come 5;00 and if you don't have kids start drinking (but please don't drive!) Enjoy The music everyone!


April,4 2014

Everyone relax. I know its 9:40p and it's Friday and this post is just going up but I just got breaking news on the places to be tonight! Best part is the shows don't start until 10p.... YEAH KIDS!!! So here is where you need to be. Dogfish has Casper and The cookies strait from Atlanta. This funky fun pop band is sure to keep your body moving tonight. Now if it's just dancing you want The Pond is having its Friday Night Dance Party. Ladies and gentleman it is now 9:50pm...get moving!


April,1 2014

Let's Dance!! What else are you going to do on a Tuesday, sit on your butt and watch TV? Tonight at The Pond, DJ Woody will be spinning your favorite club mixes and dance songs from 10 till close. Now I know some of you don't like to dance and that's fine, I have a solution for you guys too. If you just want to relax tonight and chill head over to The Big Chill Surf Cantina for a few drinks and some good company. There might not be live entertainment playing tonight but with the bar tenders' house mix and the bar tenders themselves. it's a great place for a good time and a relaxing evening. Who said Tuesday had to be boring!


March,29 2014

I don't know what it is about Saturday but just hearing that it's Saturday night is like seeing the fresh donuts sign light come on at Krispy Kreme. It's like putting on a pair of pants and finding money in the pockets, Saturday might just have to be the sweetest day of the week. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so either because after looking at tonight's entertainment schedule around the area there is some music hitting the stages tonight. At 8:30p Bethany Blues in Lewes has Dr. Harmonica & Rocket 88. These guys play everything from blues & funk to swing. It's a non stop party when these guys hit the stage and the dace floor is open. Now if your craving some summer and the feeling of the sun and sand Dogfish has the band for you. At 10p The Johnson Reggae Band Take the stage for some Rasta style fun. The Frog pond is going to be hopping tonight as well when Queen Green & The Drama Kings Take the stage at 9:30. Joining them on bass will be the master basser himself Pete Weidman from Love Seed Mamma Jump! What can I say about this show but its just going to be fun! Its songs you want to sing along to, people you know and a live performance that always pleases. Now check all your clothes for cash in your pockets, grab some donuts and go hit the town. Please drink responsibly!!


March,26 2014

Uh Oh guess what day it is! Guess what day it is! Come on say it with me.... Its HUMP DAY WOOT WOOT!! How can anyone not like hump day? Its a sign that the work week is almost to an end, it shares its name with a great culture pastime and if that's not enough its the night that Irish Eyes in Lewes, DE holds its famous team trivia. I say its famous because of all the ones I've been too this is my personal favorite. Mr. Keith White who hosts the games is also a fellow musician and does a great job keeping the questions unique and fresh every week. I also have to say his DJ skills between songs are fantastic. Even if your not into trivia I still recommend stopping in to say Hi to Patrick or Amy behind bar. Both will quench your thirsts and fill your stomachs as you listen in on some friendly trash talking between the teams. if you are going for some food you have to try the reuben eggrolls, they are the shizznatt!  See you all tonight! I love hump day....and night ;)!



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