No I'm not saying Rehoboth sucks. Far from it actually. What I am saying is go and take a big 'ole bite out of Rehoboth. In fact while your at it take a bite out of Lewes and Dewey Beach too. The food is fantastic! Being a struggling musician years ago had its perks I've come to find out. One of them was that a lot of the restaurants felt bad for you and gave you free food. So you were able to taste the delicious offerings the establishment had and we all know things taste much better when they are free. Its like Halloween candy. The second perk in disguise was it forced me to pick another line of work as a back up. I chose to be a chef/bartender. I found out that I had a knack for cooking and even now try to balance a creative role behind a band and in the kitchen. I was fortunate to meet a lot of great chefs from around the area and pick their brain about food, wine, business and good company. I want to take you to their places and introduce you to some of the most influential chefs I think are some of the best to ever work in the kitchen.  



Chef 'T'



Have you ever wondered why your grandmothers cooking tastes better then yours? Or why your moms mac 'n' cheese recipe is always a disaster when you try it even though you follow it step by step? Better yet how is it dad can BBQ circles around you but can't figure out how to plug in his iphone? The answer to all these questions is simple and can be answered by The Beatles....."All You Need Is Love". See our generation is the lets see how fast, what's the easiest, look at my new high tech, can that machine do it for me kind of spirit. All that hurrying around and making things easy takes a toll on everything including our food. Your grandmothers cooking was so good because she made everything from scratch including the pots she cooked in. Now that love. Your mother not only worked all day but she would still find time to make a home cooked meal for her family. Again what love. On weekends your father would create marinades and work the grill like a true master. He would feed his family a four course meal from that grill rain or shine. Madone That's love! Now take our generation, Its easy to open a jar of spaghetti sauce and pour it over some store bought past but what is it going to taste like? What its going to taste like I can't write on here but you can use your imagination. But now kids take a deep breath a slow down and take a day a cook a real spaghetti dinner. Make a real Italian gravy (what some call some sauce) from scratch. Make fresh pasta by hand, its only four ingredients why not? No matter what you make if you slow down, have some patience and above anything else put love in it you will be rewarded.


Chef T



If you grew up in a Italian family like I did, the most important room in the house was the kitchen. If you ever look at old pictures of birthday parties or holidays you can find 30 people sitting around a table full of food and bottles of wine. The Kitchen was where family plans were made, neighborhood gossip was heard and the problems of the day or (world) were solved over some drinks and snacks. When I was 8 years old I was introduced to the restaurant business. My brother was a bartender in Lewes and I used to hang out in the corner and sip on a soda and watch him pour drinks and serve food to these loud, crazy and sometimes impatient people who were telling stories about fishing, who was sleeping with who, and how President Clinton could learn a thing or two from talking to them. I started thinking... I know these people... I know this place... I'm Home! The corner bar is just like the family kitchen in almost every way. You eat at it, you catch up with your friends and family at it, you hold meetings at it and if you go through the pictures on your phone, I bet the good ones were taken at it. When I came of age to become a bartender myself I almost felt like I was taking on the role as head of the family. My regular customers would come in and tell me about their day or their family; in fact I became a part of their family and they became a part of mine. Even now I prefer to sit at the bar than at a table and I still get the same feeling of being home and the same feeling of family just sitting there. In Lewes, I like to go to Irish Eyes on Wednesday nights. My Brother, Sister 'n' Law, and our friend Carlie get together for our weekly meeting of the minds and the bartender, Patrick is our very own Sam Malone. There is just something about the kitchen table that brings a family together, and to me, the corner bar is the same way. You know, it really is great feeling when everyone knows your name.



Chef T

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