People ask us all the time how we come up with our catchy car wash slogans. We don't...George does. Enjoy.

  • Your car will be shiney when we wash off the brimey!
  • Your car will look grand when we wash off the sand
  • We get the muck off your truck
  • Salt and sand is not grand, we wash it off with our soft hand
  • Car winter weary, we’ll make it cheery
  • Car covered in grime? We’ll take care of it fine.
  • You’ll have good feels after we wash your wheels
  • For a nice fresh day, wash your dirt away
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, come in today we’ll wash your car
  • Clean windows improve your outlook
  • Car dirty, we squirty
  • We can help clean up your life
  • Car look crappy? We can make you happy!
  • Put a smile on your car
  • See us you must, or else you will rust!
  • Plant a clean car in your garage tonight
  • Snuggle up with a clean car
  • We have good deals to wash your wheels
  • We wash and wax while you relax
  • We are bored, let’s wash your Ford
  • We’ve been thinkin’ wash your Lincoln
  • We work busy to clean your Lizzie
  • You’ll look like a star in a clean car
  • You really ought to clean your auto
  • If your car is white, we’ll make it bright. If it’s blue, we’ll wash it too!
  • We wash better than you do
  • Red, white, blue or green, we’ll put a sparkle on your machine!
  • Take out the junk and we’ll vacuum your trunk!
  • We take pride in washing your ride
  • You bathe weekly, so should your car!
  • Drive a clean car and you will go far
  • Trick or treat, our washes can’t be beat
  • Over the river and through the woods, wash your car, you know you should
  • We wash your car and do it fine. Outside only starts at 9!
  • We soak and buff, just enough
  • Your car will do tricks for our #6
  • Tire shine looks fine
  • Have some pride, let us wash your ride
  • Friends don’t let friends drive dirty!
  • De-salt thy car!
  • It’s more fun in a clean car
  • Naughty or nice, take our advice. Wash your car once or twice
  • Don’t be taggin’ extra dirt on your wagon.
  • Dirt removal, with your approval
  • Clean body, soul, mind and car
  • Clean thoughts, clean car

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