Back Beat Drum Works is a lot more than drums, it's a whole music experience that I want to share with you. Indiana Jones said it best, " If you want to be a good archaeologist you got to get out of the library''. The music scene in the Rehoboth/Lewes area is oozing with talent and is begging to be heard. If you're an aspiring musician, or just a music lover follow me, because I have the pleasure of working of with these guys all the time. I'm going to give you some first hand info on the best bands and solo acts and you just might just be surprised on some of the famous musicians that play here. While I'm at I'll introduce you to some awesome places too eat too, after all nothing is good on a empty stomach. That being said we need to talk drinks too.

Talk to you all soon



Live from Rehoboth Beach its Monday Night!!! Ok, its not Saturday Night and I'm not Chevy Chase but fun and talent are overflowing at the Delaware Distilling Company (DDC). Every Monday night the DDC as we locals call it, holds a weekly open mic night from 9p-12a. The night kicks off with a few songs by the host band The Dug, which just so happens to be who I play for. Then it's an open floor to anyone who wants to play, sing or just sit back and listen. Every week you can catch some of the greatest talent the Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach and even Ocean City area has to offer and when they are not on tour our local hero's such as Cliff Hill and Keith Mack come to jam. Now, the place is a distilling company so the drinks are awesome. Speaking of drinks the bartender is a must meet. Ashley is a local celebrity and a double threat so to speak. Not only can she mix a mean drink but she can rock a microphone kids! With all this fun, music and celebrities Monday night at the DDC might just be the new Saturday Night!!


Talk to you all later


This might not be all about music, drums and jam sessions but it is about musicians next best things. Drinking, food and Super Bowl Sunday. Ashley and I are taking the stage behind the bar at the Delaware Distilling Company serving up drinks and food for the Super bowl. Usually Ashley and I don't have a chance to work together off the stage so when we get the chance to do our next favorite thing together we just can't help ourselves and get crazy. Just like our live shows with our bands we give it all we have behind the bar. Its a lot of fun to interact one on one with friends and sometimes people who you might have seen come to a show. Being a musician and being a bartender to me go hand in hand. Both occupations can help feed the other and both require the same skill of being able interact with people. Both jobs burn the midnight oil and both jobs work better with alcohol. All in all the most important thing is the people. Without the people there will be no fans which means no band and without people there will be no customers and no bar. With that said I hope I see all of you Sunday @ 6p at The Delaware Distilling Company.



A young child sys to his mother, "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a musician.' She replies, "Well honey, you know you can't do both." If that's the case then I say we have all done a great job at being grown ups all week and its time to unleash your inner child with the local musicians at the DDC. That's right kids, its time for the DDC's weekly open mic night YAHHHH!!!!!! Now for those of you who don't like fun and didn't come last week let me explain....too much, let me sum up what you missed last week. You missed the Ocean City based Robert Blair Band who's sound is a mix of blues, rock and surf and was an energetic roller coaster original set. You missed the next Shaggy. A free styling Jamaican singer named Marcus who can make up anything about anything on the spot. We had Jimmy Hendrix reincarnated on the stage in a young guy I know as Joey; Roger Hillis and myself had the pleasure of playing with this guy and we did everything from Hendrix to Zeppelin and it was awesome. Last Monday was like being on summer vacation. The drinks flowed, the music was rocking and the people were happy. If you find yourself in the Rehoboth Beach, Lewes or Dewey Beach area come to the Delaware Distilling Company tonight. Show stats at 9 and goes until close. We might all have to grow up but who says who have to stop having fun unleash that inner child and join us musicians tonight at the DDC. See you all tonight.



It was 50 years ago today that music changed forever. A band hit America with such force that even as I write this we are still feeling the aftershocks. The Beatles have inspired generations of musicians, myself being one of them and weather its Rock 'n' Roll, R&B, or even Hip Hop you can hear the influence The Beatles have had on music over the last 50 years. I can remember hearing my first Beatle song. It was "I want to hold your hand" and I was in 4th grade music class. I remember getting home and asking my older brother if he knew The Beatles? He basically looked at me as if I was stupid for even asking that question. He then put on one of their greatest hits CD and the first song was "Back In The USSR". That did it, I listened strait through the album and was a fan ever since. Tonight I watched as fellow musicians and stars paid tribute to that same band and I thought to myself how cool it is to be a musician right now. In some strange way I'm connected to John, Paul, George, and Ringo and every other musician for that fact. We all share a special bond and language that is music. All of them were inspired by other musicians as I was inspired by them and I hope one day to inspire others in the same way. I think 50 years from now The Beatles will still be just as popular and just as influential as they are now and I don't think we will ever see another band quite like them again. To John, Paul, George and Ringo, thank you for the music and the memories.




So you are all probably saying to yourself, the only place this guy goes is the DDC. There must be other places in this area to go right Twan? Well people you would be correct there are plenty of places to go and catch good local music and local cuisine. First kick off your week with me and The Dug at the DDC's open mic night. Then on Tuesday head down to Rehoboth Beach to the Frog Pond (The Pond) for dancing with Dewey Beach's own DJ Woody. Now in the words of local celebrity Chi-Town you can double down at The Pond on Wednesday and catch Mr. BJ Muntz From Lower Case Blues host the annual Pond open jam. Now for Valentines Days I suggest you focus on good food and relaxing entertainment. Fellas IF you behave yourselves and treat your ladies to a fine meal (check out Rehoboth Bites Blog for ideas) and show her a nice time you will be treated to a great live performance at your own home. Now For Saturday, Bethany Blues has a treat. All moth long they a having a concert series called women in music month. This Saturday  Nadjah Nicole will perform. Nadjah is a R&B vocalist who has been compared to Corrine Bailey Ray and Erykah Badu. See I'm not as boring as you thought am I? Let me Know what you guys think of the shows and hope to see you Monday (tonight) to kick this week off!



Live From Living Room Studios it's the Rehoboth Entertainment Report! This time around, we'll look at the DDC, The Frog Pond, Bethany Blues and Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats and feature musical guests The Dug, The Salt Walter String Band, The Eric Scott Trio and many more. Rehoboth and its neighboring "rock cities" of Lewes and Dewey have us spoiled this week around here, and here's the breakdown: Tonight it's the Weekly DDC open mic night hosted by The Dug. I have to say that this has become one of my favorite nights; the gathering of local musicians grows every week and to be able to sit back and hear the talent this area has to offer is just tremendous. The Pond continues the fun Tuesday night and gives us a little taste of summer too as the popular Dewey DJ "DJ Woody" will be pumping out dance music all night starting at 9pm. Irish Eyes in Lewes celebrates HUMP DAY with Team Trivia hosted by Keith White. That's right, that's the same Keith White of The Keith White Project. The local and now regional band that's been packing venues for the past 4 years. Trivia starts at 7 and trust me, you should get there early because the place gets stupid busy. So, let's recap, we had open mic Monday, a dance party Tuesday followed by Team Trivia on Wednesday...pretty good so far and we're only half way through the week. Ready for more? Good, let's begin. Thursday we head back to The Pond where you can catch the amazing duo act known as Ginger at 9pm. Members Mike Curry and Nancy Micciulla make up this explosive duo who cover everything from The Beatles to Adel and their playful arrangements and great harmonies make these two a must see. Friday might get tricky because there two great shows happening. First at Bethany Blues in Lewes, The Eric Scott Trio starts things off at 8pm. These guys are back by request and for good reason. With their catchy tunes that draw from funk, punk and neo-soul the show is energetic and fun. Over at Dogfish in Rehoboth, the saltwater String Band starts at 10p and once again, they bring their signature cabernet- foot stomping style along for the ride. As for Saturday, how about you spend it with me and The Dug at The Pond starting at 9. It's a full band featuring Mister Roger Hillis on bass and we'll be rocking your favorite songs from The Alabama Shakes to The Rolling Stones to The Grateful Dead and all points in between. Don't forget we do our own tunes as well. How's about them apples? All I got to say is... Yeah I like it!!! This week looks musically-amazing guys and hope to see you guys out and about.



First things first, I would like to thank everyone for the kind words on a speedy recovery and for checking in on me. For those that don't know, I had shoulder surgery last Tuesday and I'm just starting to get back into the swing of things. With that said, here comes a little shameless self promotion! Backbeat Drum Works is getting ready for summer and wants to remind students and parents that while you're enjoying the beach and bbq's, don't fall behind in your music skills. If you or your child is a percussionist and is interested in sharpening their skills or getting extra help making their H.S drum line give me call @ 302- 430-3382. Ok, the self promo is done, now on to what you all really come here and entertainment! That's right it's time for The Rehoboth Weekly Entertainment Report and I'm very excited to write this week's report because there's a lot of exciting stuff going on. For starters, not just one or two, but three nationally famous acts are coming to our little, slower, lower. Mix that with our own powerhouse of local players and you have a week of entertainment that can hold its own against any music festival in the country - and you don't have to spend $1000 for a ticket either. After talking to the management at the DDC, let's kick this festival off tonight with them at 9pm with their weekly open mic night hosted by The Dug. This open mic has grown every week and has brought in some of the greatest local players, becoming a regular hang out for some of Delaware's favorite musical sons and daughters. Tuesday, the festival continues with a change of venue and from bands to DJ's with the DJ dance party at The Frog Pong starting at 10pm. DJ Woody, the famous DJ from Dewey Beach will be spinning club mixes and sweaty jams for you to keep warm to during these long winter nights. Thursday, keep your butts at The Pond for an acoustic performance by The Earthians. A rising local reggae/pop band, The Earthian's twists on popular covers and catchy grooves will have you feeling like you're sipping drinks with tiny umbrella's in them on warm sandy beaches. Friday night is when this festival turns it up to 11. The headliners of this whole week will be performing at Dogfish Head starting at 10pm. Rolling Stone Magazine has called these guys the greatest live show band to ever play, and I agree - I've seen them first hand and consider them epic performers. Ladies and Gentlemen, the kings of American Garage Rock from NYC, The Fleshtones are back! This time they brought their friends, The Split Squad who will also take the stage as the opening act. This show is a must, people and you will want to punch yourself in the face multiple times if you end up missing it. Now on Saturday, Bethany Blues has yet another treat for you starting at 8:30. Bryan Russo brings his big blues voice to the stage after being on the road with The Black Keys and G Love. So sit back, grab a big whiskey and a dark cigar and lose yourself in his soulful lyrics and captivating melodies. With all of this greatness that just happened, there can't possibly be anymore right? Wrong. After all, what's a festival without a closing party?  So, on Sunday starting at 9pm, Lower Case Blues is hosting their epic jam night at The Pond. All the musicians of the week usually show up at this thing, so and if we're lucky, The Fleshtones (fingers crossed) might even get in on the act.

See, I told you there was a lot of exciting music going on in and around Rehoboth this week. And if you're not excited, then all I can say is... "Hello there... Tell me, what color is the sky in your world"?

See you all soon and enjoy the festivities.



So, did everyone enjoy that beautiful, wonderful, clean 10 inches of useless crap we had yesterday? If memory serves me right this is the second year in a row that poor Saint Pat has been pushed aside by Mother Nature and has been forced to the end of the rainbow to drink alone. Well I don't know about you, but that really pisses me off. Saint Patrick deserves to have his day and I also think that while we're at, it let's make up for missing last year too!! After expressing my anger with Ashley from the DDC, she assured me she had the solution. Since Monday was a wash, The DDC is holding their ever popular open mic/Saint Patty's Day party tonight @ 9pm hosted by The Dug. What a grand party this will be. All the local music one can have and all the local spirits one can have to wash it down. Ahh, the luck o' the Irish is with us my darlings!

After we all nurse our hangovers, stop seeing little green people and our heads stop feeling like they have been bashed with shillelaghs, the rest of the weekend is full of must see shows as well. Two weeks ago the Fleshtones turned Dogfish upside down with yet another memorable high octane performance (If you missed it, read this). This Friday at 10p Dogfish Head does it again with The Dexter Romweber Duo. This Rockabilly legend is back by popular demand and is considered one of America's music treasures. Saturday night stroll down to The Pond early to catch Mama's Black Sheep at 5:30p. This duo act consists of drums and guitar and does everything from popular covers to catchy originals. The great thing about The Pond, if you don't know already, is once you're there you never have to leave. See the live music continues all night long with Sweet Leda taking the stage at 10p. Sweet Leda is a fast rising cover band fronted by power house vocalist Julie Cymek. Playing everything from Zeppelin to Maroon 5 they keep the crowd on their feet and the party going all night long.

I think with a line up like this we can pay our respects to Saint Patrick, cure our sense of entrapment in our homes and even give Mother nature a little cheek to kiss (respectfully) for all the snow this year.



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