As December arrives, our minds are filled constantly with the echoes of many tasks and the fast-paced, chatter-filled world. It’s no secret that there are countless hours of gift shopping, decorating, wrapping, and get-togethers filling our calendars.

We can forget to take care of ourselves as we spend many hours taking care of others! Give yourself some “me time.” There are ways to relax that may appeal to each of us differently. In general, relaxation techniques involve focusing our attention on calming down. Try a wonderful relaxation massage. Start with 30 minutes on your neck and shoulders or back. Or try, perhaps, a lower leg and foot massage! If you prefer an hour, reserve your spot for a completely unwinding massage. Enjoy some calming music during a manicure and pedicure. The renewal of spirit and energy will make you feel incredible.

As you try to think of a special gift for those on your list, don’t forget a gift certificate! It’s the perfect gift to have a professional spoil those working moms and dads, your child’s teacher, or a dear friend. They will so appreciate it!

The “buzz” for hair this holiday season is glam! Think about the glamour of the 50s; graceful loose curls or a French twist will dress up an outfit. For the nails shimmer and glittery are all the rage. It’s a great time to feel a little more glamorous again!

If you want a quick gleam, don’t forget to try a little serum on your hair for instant shine.

At the close of 2010, we can reflect on the previous seasons. Each one affects our hair, skin, and nails. I certainly hope the suggestions from this column were helpful and enjoyable to those who read it!

May you enjoy the beauty of this wonderful season as you celebrate with those closest to you! Merry Christmas! Blessings from the staff and me here at CK’s Hairport Ltd, Salon & Spa! ~ Cornelia Kay Barnett •

Cosmetologist Cornelia Kay Barnett is celebrating her 30th year as owner of CK’s HairPort Ltd. Salon and Spa at 34410 Tenley Court in Lewes. You may reach her at 302-645-2246 or For more information visit

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