Anyone who owns a new car knows the pros and cons of modern technology; headlights are a perfect example. Decades ago, headlights were made of glass and pretty much came in two styles- square or round (okay, some were rectangular). As for light brightness, well, let's just say they were better than nothing. Today's car's headlights however, are most often made of plastic and, as you can see on most cars, this makes for some dramatically styled, beautiful, almost jewel-like headlight designs; some look light bugs'-eyes, some like they belong on a jet or a diamond bracelet and others, heh, heh, still round or square. Another advantage to making the lights plastic is that now, auto manufacturers can take advantage of much brighter burning, longer lasting lighting elements that offer better visibility than ever before.

Plastic headlights have one major disadvantage however. Unlike glass, which needs only a simple wipe with a rag to stay clean and clear, plastic requires much more care because it's much more susceptible to damage from the elements, like sun, sand, snow and rain than glass. The problem this presents is clear: decreased visibility in night time or poor weather driving conditions. In the past, the only way to really clean a plastic headlight, that is, to restore its performance to like new, was to buy a new one and, when you're replacing both front headlights (which is almost always the case), you were looking at more than $300.00. But like we said, that's how it used to be because now, Rehoboth Car Wash offers you another solution-professional headlight restoration.

Simply put, we can help make your car's headlight system look and perform like new again and do it for a fraction of the cost of replacing your headlights outright. Now, although we could go into great detail as to how we do this, we suggest you just take a look for yourself. We think you'll agree the results speak for themselves (and us too).

We do have one more thing to add though about our headlight restoration service and it's this: While we can work wonders, we can't perform miracles and this means that some headlights will be beyond even our range of expertise, but since we won't know until we look at them, stop on in so we can take a peek and if we can't fix them, we'll tell you so up front.

Rehoboth Car Wash: Neatness Counts

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