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The City of Lewes, Delaware is located where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the area is known as Cape Henlopen. The naturally beautiful area of ocean and bay beaches, trails, and sanctuaries adds more reasons to visit this small city first discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609. In addition to natural beauty, this quaint city offers a wonderful historic district, architecture dating back to the 17th century, museums, special tours, cozy accommodations, restaurants for everyone's tastes, and wonderful shops and boutiques all within walking distance of each other. See Lewes first on, then discover it for'll be glad you did!

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While it was discovered by Hudson, it was first settled by the Dutch in 1631 Zwaanedael (Swan Valley). Often referred to as "The First Town in The First State", Lewes recently celebrated its 375th anniversary and true to its heritage, did so with a heavy emphasis of its maritime roots, including hosting the Kalmar Nyckel for public display, Delaware's only tall ship.

The importance of its waterways and coastline have always played a part in Lewes' culture and history. From some of its early days as a whaling and factory center to its role in protecting the coast during WWII with its Fort Miles fortification, one of the largest and most heavily armed coastal fortifications ever built, Lewes has always been a town of activity and intrigue.

Today, Lewes still relies heavily on its maritime past and does a great job of mixing its history into its everyday world. Situated along the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal, Lewes offers excellent access to the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean and some of the best recreational and sport fishing on the east coast. Also popular for eco-tourism, kayaking, trail walking and bird watching are all popular activites and can be done right from Lewes' own Cape Henlopen State Park.

SInce history is such an important part of Lewes' identity, you can find historical references throughout the city. From the Zwaanendael Museum (a tribute to its earliest setllers) to the Cannonball House, which which bears a coannonball in its foundation fired at during enemy attack in 1812 to the oldest house in the state of Delaware, history is everywhere you look in Lewes.

Sensational Second Street

Kids' Ketch: Got toys? Kids' Ketch does and plenty of them. Fantastic variety too. From games and puzzles to classic doll houses as well as wood and vintage tin toys, they have the toys that'll tickle your brain and your fancy along with your nostalgia button. They're loaded with all the newest gear and gadgets too. Whether it's remote control flying helicopters, electronic games and toys or the newest stuff from palymobile or automoblox, the kids and the kid in everyone will find just what theyr'e looking for at Kids' Ketch. And, since they're so close to the beach, they also carry a complete line of kids beach sandals, bathing suits, shirts, shorts and more. Located on Second Street in Downtown Lewes, Kids' Ketch is less than a mile from Lewes Beach.

Josephine Keir: As much as it is about history, the sea and fun, Lewes is also a Town of distinction and functional good taste so if you're outfitting your beach house, condo or office, you may want to stop by Josephine Keir in Downtown Lewes on the corner of Savannah and Second Street. Known for their durability, oriental rugs have been a mainstay in busy homes. Known for their design and craftsmanship, they have also served equally well as wall hangings, as art and as an expression of heritage and style. Going all that one better, Josephine Keir deals with a limited number of artists and producers only importing pieces that are come direct from the artist, and artists' group or a Fair Trade Organization. In other words, rugs and art from the insoired and empowered and something you can be completely proud to own and display.

Twila Farrel: A specialty ladies outfitter and clothing store if there ever was one, Twila brings a special touch to dressing for just about any occasion. From ladies hats, shoes and boots to faux furs and super stylish but surprisingly durable all weather coats, she makes it all even better with her unique approach to personal service and shopping. Located on, you guessed it, Second Street, 122 to be exact, you can contact Twila at 302.645.7007.

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