Simplified Racquetball Rules

A game of racquetball is played to 21 or 15 points. Our club advocates the 15 point games, You only have to win by one point to win the game.

•Only the server can score points.
•If the receiver wins the rally, he/she becomes the server.
•The object of racquetball is to win rallies, thereby scoring points.
•Rallies are won by hitting the ball so the opponent is unable to successfully return it to the front wall.
•SINGLES - 2 players
•CUT THROAT - 3 players
•DOUBLES - 4 players

The server must stand in the service zone, bounce the ball and hit it to the front wall first. The ball may or may not bit one side wall and bounce past the short line in deep court.

You get two attempts to serve the ball correctly. The following serves are faults, any two in succession result in a handout (loss of serve):

•SHORT SERVE: The ball fails to clear the short line.
•LONG SERGE: The ball goes to the back wall on a fly.
•THREE WALL SERVE: The ball hits 2 side walls before bouncing in deep court.
•CEILING SERVE: The ball hits the ceiling on the way to deep court.
You will lose your serve on the first attempt if:
•You fail to hit the front wall first.
•The ball hits you on a bounce or fly as it comes off one of the walls.

•The receiver stands in deep court midway between the forehand and backhand side walls.
•The receiver may hit the ball on a bounce or a fly, the ball must then return to the front wall without touching the floor, any combination of walls the ball makes on its way back to the front wall is legal as long as the ball contacts the front wall at some point.

•Once the ball bounces On the floor twice, it is out of play.
•If the ball touches your opponent on the way back to the front wall, a "hinder" is called and the point is replayed.
•If your opponent makes an attempt but cannot move out of the way to allow you a clear shot at the ball, a 'hinder" is called and the point is replayed.
•A "screen ball' is called when you cannot see the ball because your opponent's body is blocking your view. The point is replayed.

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