Game Scoring
A game is won by the first team to reach fifteen points provided there is a two point advantage. Otherwise, the teams continue to play until one team has a two point advantage.

A match is won by the team that wins two out of three games.

Each team shall be allowed two time out periods limited to 30 seconds each per game.

Start of Game
The team that wins the opening coin toss has their choice of either serving or picking the side of the court they would like to play on first. The team not serving first will serve first in the second game and the teams will change sides. If a third game is necessary, the team that scored the most total points in the first two games has the choice of side or service.

The player serving can serve from anywhere along the length of the team's back wall, as long as they are within three feet of the back wail. The serve is good if the ball passes over the net without touching a member of the serving team or the net. A served ball that hits a wall on either the serving or receiving team's side is good provided the ball only contacts one wall. A regular rotation must be used by both teams and service order must be maintained.

Out of Bounds
The ball is out of bounds whenever it hits the ceiling or back wall on the opponent's side, or two or more walls consecutively on a serve or return volley. The returning team may use the ceiling or back wall on their own side of the court. Any return that crosses the net cannot touch the ceiling.

Playing the Ball
Up to three consecutive contacts with the ball are allowed by each team while attempting their return. No individual player may contact the ball twice in a row except during a block. If a player attempts a block and the ball contacts him and falls on his side of the net, he can touch the ball next. These two contacts together only count as the first of three contacts allowed by a team. Underhand, open-palm returns (carries, scoops, lifts) are illegal and should be called.

Player Contact With Net
If a player's arm or any part of their body touches the net during a rally, play is stopped, and the other team receives the point or service.

Reaching Over the Net
A player may not offensively strike a ball on the other team's side of the net. However, while attempting a block, a player may reach over the net to block but cannot contact the ball until their opponent strikes the ball.

Deflecting the Ball Off the Back Wall
If a player contacts the ball in such a manner that the ball deflects off the back wall on his side of the court and goes over the net, the shot will be considered good as long as it does not contact another wall.

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