Just a quick note about Tuesday night's "Under the Covers" musicians and songwriters session. To be sure, it was a warm and wonderful evening spent with old and new friends and filled with songs re-cast and re-told through familair sounds with insightful perspective; John Prine's storied songs came to life, now as visual as they were melodic; the Barenaked Ladies took on a different look, one peppered with a little more experience than the original version's band could lend and somehow, even David Alan Coe seemd a little more personable. To sum it all up, it was a night where the art of the jam session meshed with the art of songs' true spirit-the need to tell a story succinctly, personally and beautifully.

Thanks again to Maribeth Fischer of the Rehoboth Beach Writer's Guild and Terry Plowman of Delaware Beach Life Magazine for organizing and hosting this very unique and incredibly enjoyable event.

Here's a little sample:

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