In the Fall of 2010, we showed you a video of The Buttery doing what it does best, cooking excellent food. What was unusual about it was what we showed you them cooking: a burger. Now, a burger isn't such an unusual thing to cook or to eat, in fact, burgers are among the most popular, most consumed foods in the U.S. Even so, for people who know The Buttery, a burger might have seemed out of character for them, after all, they're famous for classically inspired and prepared cuisine. As it turns out though, the more people that get "in the know" about The Buttery, know that, true to form, the burger The Buttery makes isn't just a burger, but instead, The Buttery on a Bun, becasue it's no regular burger at all but a Kobe Beef Burger. Without going into detail, Kobe Beef is among the best in the world; the most flavorful, the most tender and the most delicious.


Anyway, as if offering this burger isn't enough, they've gone and made it half price (about $6.50) every Tuesday night in The Buttery's Pub and this past week, we had the chance to have one. It turns out, a lot of other people did too. Just about everybody in Downtown Lewes it seemed. In a word, it was wonderful (actually, they all were- we got three of them). Cooked from medium-rare to medium, they were juicy and as tasty as we were told they were. As good as the burger (ok, almost as good) was the roll it's served on- an onion-foccacia roll) and while you can get it served with just about any side they have, it looked like their potato salad was the most popular.


So, is this the best burger in Lewes? Well, that's for you to decide. But one thing is sure, it's the only kind of burger The Buttery will serve.


Ok, enough talk, have a look at some of the pics we took while we were there, then go get yourself one. need more info? Visit or give them a call @ 302.645.7755.


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