From its unique Tex-Mex style fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas and more to its signature Stonegrill Dining, check out the video below and see for yourself why Dos Locos in Downtown Rehoboth is one of the most loved Mexican restaurants at the beach. Finished watching it yet? OK, now imagine yourself there, surrounded by good friends and from the laughter coming not just from your table but from around the room. Lively, warm and vibrant, Dos Locos brings out the fun side of its customers (a few of their margaritas don't hurt either). So what are you in the mood for? Chicken? Steak? Lobster?Anything off their menu is sure to please but, if you feel like getting a little more involved with your food, consider their Stonegrill Dining- it's just you, a straight-from-the-oven-hot stone and your favorite steak, chicken or fish sizzling on top just waiting for you to cook it to your taste, then enjoy every succulent, juicy bite.


To find out more about Dos Locos, visit them @ and, to learn more about the other great restaurants along the Culinary Coast, click here.





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