We know what you're feeling right now. Or should we say, we know what you will be feeling when you see the next video about our tour along the Culinary Coast. This time, it's at Victoria's Restaurant and if you're not hungry now, you will be when you're finished watching this vid. More specifically, you'll be hungry for pan-seared scallops, set ablaze with apple brandy then nested on a bed of spaghetti squash and spinach in an apple infused cream sauce. How do we know this? Because 15 people who stopped by our production studio to see what we were up to just left for Victoria's to eat dinner. Guess what most of them wanted? Don't believe us? Watch the video.

Victoria's Restaurant is located at 2nd Olive Ave. and the Boards in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, right inside of the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. Visit them on line at victoriasrestaurant.com or better yet, visit them in person for some truly remarkable food. Did we mention they're right on the Boardwalk>


Hungry for more? Get it atThe Culinary Coast


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