The dawning of #makeyourmusic- a blog empire (cue the theatrics)

SO here it is folks! A true lesson in run on sentences, with twists and turns of a verb tense like you have never saw ;) 
So you are aware, at least currently, this blog is maintained by Ty, owner of the company. 

I have a design specialist, a graphic artist, a t shirt guy, a website guy, a guy I buy vegetables from. They are not the ones posting on the blog.

So point any questions at me please email me and I will forward it to them
You can also find our # 302-750-0577 on the website.
We also have Twitter, Facebook, a budding Instagram
a profile on 
as well as one on from which this blog is hosted. 

These two below are especially important /\ as they don't limit who sees me. The big guys, they keep you from being seen by those who want to see you....unless you cough more money. I don't know about you, but I don't have a cough. 

I'll also be providing the blog post (as well as promo codes for stuff....including absolutely free stuff I hope you show to everyone....) on my emailed newsletter roughly once a month. 

I'll be updating Local shows of acts giving you live entertainment.  

Although we are based in Delaware, I support live and local everywhere, so please don't hesitate to send me contact info for a local joint, band, or cause that could use a little boost. We can even help them to network themselves a bit through our channels, with their content. 

I'll be providing links to sites I think are interesting. If you think they are interesting, share them with friends and family through the link provided. Again the social media big guys, limit the audience we try so hard to build. Help us play fair. Sounds good right? ok so. 

I might show a performance of something or someone I think celebrates my company's #makeyourmusic concept. Self expression in a passionate way.
It may be that you are really only yourself with a mic in your hand, or that you got clean and sober and back to music.--hintthat's where it started

But it doesn't have to be music related either. Your 3 month premmie little girl just graduated high school, or your son has a really giant collection of turtles,(the slider, or the ninja kind.)

Time to time I will have giveaways as well, for those who share with the most friends, reply the closest to a certain date, or for basically whatever rules I make up.

Thanks again guys, 
Talk to you soon #makemusicwmusic #makeyourmusic

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