Villa Sorrento in Lewes, Delaware is a delicious throw-back to Italian cooking not tasted since maybe the last time you ate at your Nonna's house. Just like her's, Villa Sorrento's food is defined by fresh ingredients, lovingly made by hand into fantastically full-flavored dishes.They have all your favorite pasta dishes like Fettuccine Alfreda & Fettuccine Carbonara, Tortellini, stuffed shells, lasagna, ravioli and of course, spaghetti and meatballs along with wonderful baked dishes like Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, manicotti and more. Let's not forget their wonderful Veal or Chicken Piccata, Veal Marsala and classic Chicken Cacciatore.

To make your meal at Villa Sorrento even more memorable and delicious, they serve them with a side of something else you might not expect,  unless of course, you've been there before- singing. Yep, Villa Sorrento owner/operator Mara DePace breaks into song every now and again (hint: it's usually Wednesday nights & Weekends) to the delight of her many loyal customers, many of whom often shout out requests for traditional Italian songs. Mara of course is happy to sing their requests- just as soon as she's made sure that their stomach's (and drinks) are filled.


For more info about the food & song of Villa Soreento in Lewes, call 302.644.7052 or visit them online @

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