One of the many things I love about dogs is the fact that each one is an individual, with their own character and style.  Here at The Good Dog Inn I get to meet so many different dogs, a real pleasure for me.  I am delighted by the number of "rescue" dogs that stay here.  Granted, there are some wonderful pure breds, acquired through diligent research of breeds and breeders and they are all wonderful dogs too.  But the personality of a rescue dog is different.  It's not just an awareness thing or and sense of gratitude.  It is an attitude towards life and the people they know.  Every one is different but I believe I would always be able to pick out the "rescue" from the dog raised from puppyhood with the same owner.  I hate to say it, because I have 2 dogs I have had since puppies, one golden purchased from a breeder and one cavalier king charles spaniel I adopted young.  They both have a sense of self that, while endearing, is also kind of bossy.  My other two dogs (yes, I have 4!), another cavalier from CKCRUSA and a maltese/yorkie mix out of West Virginia and their love for me is unbelievable.  These two don't make a move without first looking at me, making sure I am there and aware of them.  At night, these two sleep up against me, moving with my night moves, never pulling away.  So when you hear "adopt, don't shop", remember you will also benefit from adopting a rescue dog.  Not only will you be giving a "condemned" dog a chance at life, you will also be gaining a very special companion.  In most rescue organizations, especially specific breed rescues, you can specify exactly what you are looking for, so there will be no compromise and no regrets.  I attach a photo of Muggles, a recent adoption and guest at The Good Dog Inn.  Could you ask for a more handsome pooch?  I think not!

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