For you fans of TV's The World's Strongest Man, the 2010 contest has just wrapped up...

The Americans made a great showing and look to be poised to take over next year!

1st - Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)
2nd - Brian Shaw (USA)
3rd - Misha Koklayev (Russia)
4th - Stefan Solvi Petursson (Iceland)
5th - Travis Ortmayer (USA)

B."EvilGenius"Chavez with "The Big Z" 2009 & 2010 WSM Winner.

Zydrunas Savickas managed to defend his title and took home a big win in one of the closest WSM contests ever; winning the tiebreaker after finishing even with Shaw in points. Z also broke the log press record with a 462 lbs log C&P (210 Kg).

Other competitors in the finals were Derek Poundstone (USA), Nick Best (USA), Terry Hollands (UK), and Ervin Katona (Serbia), and Jason Bergmann (USA).

PS:ESPN will be airing the 2010 event in its entirety on Christmas day.


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